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ELVERSON - Sketch plans for a ninety-home development was presented by Merle Stoltzfus to Elverson Borough Council at their Oct. 3 meeting. It is planned for the area between the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Route 401 west of Yoder Road. A meeting was held in April with PennDOT and representatives from West Nantmeal Township to discuss improvements on a stretch of Route 401 from Yoder Road west past the intersection of Brick Lane to the pipe under Route 401.

Stoltzfus said, "Penn-DOT is interested in fixing the intersection but not paying for it. The estimated cost is $750,000. The cost is a problem.' He wants to negotiate with West Nantmeal Town-ship to find ways to save money. He asked the borough for a lot of cooperation. It won't be constructed with public dollars. West Nantmeal might look for some funds from grants. When they are done there will be sight distance at all intersections.

"PennDOT will take an interest in improving the location when people start getting killed.. This is an update on what is occurring. None of this happens fast,' he said.

Robert Trout, manager, Regulatory Affairs of the Whitford Corporation, said, "The Whitford Com-pany will move into the vacant GrayCo factory first and Polymeric Corp. will move in later in the year.' Regarding truck traffic, he said, "There would be about 12 courier pick ups and from 10 to 15 tractor trailer deliveries and pick ups daily. They will try to consolidate truck traffic, if possible.' The large trucks will use Parke Avenue and the vehicular traffic will use Pine Street.

There are about 50 workers on the site now getting things in shape. New office buildings are being constructed. The administration staff will move in Oct. 21-22. Bus-iness will be conducted from the site on Oct. 23. The manufacturing unit will move in on Oct. 28-29. Three shifts will be situated during October 30-31. Production will begin on Nov. 1.

Trout said, "It is no small task moving an entire manufacturing com-pany. We are going to make it happen. The regulatory issues have been solved.'

The Whitford Corpor-ation will have 75 to 80 people working three shifts. Polymeric will have 70 employees working two shifts. The Whitford Corporation is located in Frazer. Polymeric is located in Phoenixville. The Whit-ford Corporation manufactures coatings for cooking utensils.

Trout said, "The large floor space gives both companies space to grow.'

Borough Manager Jack McEwen said, "The Town Watch Program now in-cludes all of Elverson. There are block captains for all of Elverson, which includes Summerfield.' Summerfield is part of the borough.

Some of those responsible for painting graffiti on walls, signs and buildings have been apprehended by the Caernarvon Police Department. Some of those caught were from other areas, coming to the area in cars. McEwen said, "It has been found the designs found in graffiti carry special messages from gang members.'

Traffic calming will start soon on Route 23. The project has been cut back quite a bit because of costs. Traffic islands to slow traffic will be located at the east and west ends of the borough. Four more overhead street lights will be located in the center of town. The work will be done before winter.

Council has been reviewing the proposal to construct apartments for seniors of moderate in-come at the location of the Elverson Fire Depart-ment. Council wants Dela-ware Valley Redevelop-ment Company, which has proposed the project, to scale it down. Glen Worgan, a representative of the company, had proposed 70 units for seniors of moderate income. Delaware Valley Redevelopment Company had renovated the old Honey Brook Elementary School into apartments for seniors.

Residents with side walks should remove grass growing between the cracks, debris and over grown bushes from the side walks.

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