It was on that evening when two youths, Moyer's son and a friend, were taken into police custody due to riding the family four-wheeler around the local train property. Since then, Moyer claims to have received five citations stemming from the incident. Moyer did not go into detail over the charges on the citations.

Moyer stated he wanted to appear in front of the board to find out answers in regard to police when it applies to the handling of youths. Township Solicitor Brett Huckabee mentioned to Moyer that this entire matter should not be discussed in a public forum and it should be handled by the justice system. Huckabee mentioned to Moyer that he has sent correspondence to Moyer's attorney to which Moyer replied, "I spoke to my attorney just before I arrived here tonight and they haven't hard from you.' After Huckabee reiterated that he in fact had sent correspondence to Moyer's attorney, Moyer read aloud a copy of a letter that Huckabee had sent his attorney. Still, Moyer was not pleased due to the fact that the letter did not answer any of his police policy questions.

Both Huckabee and Chairman Paul Whiteman were in agreement that this matter should be allowed to follow through the justice system before any further comment is made. Moyer, who is scheduled to appear at a hearing July 17, wondered aloud that "if he is found guilty, then will he be heard by the board.'

Huckabee stated to Moyer that "every time you appear before us, you create 16 more problems for yourself.' Finally, everyone involved agreed that this matter would not be discussed further until after Moyer's hearing.

The board unanimously voted to have Amity Fence repair the recent vandalize South Street basketball court fence. The board accepted Amity Fence's proposal to replace two five-foot sections of the fence at a cost of $570. Secretary John Burdy noted that there is still an abundance of trash around the area, however the area has been heavily used. "I noticed 18-20 individuals playing basketball there the other evening,' stated Burdy. The board is looking into long-term fence maintenance in the future, possibly adding a bottom railing to the fence, while this repair is being made for safety reasons.

"We don't need anyone getting scratched or their eye poked out,' stated Supervisor Charles Byler.

Byler also nominated Keith McGowen to take Keith Romig's position in the Maintenance Department, pending background checks. Romig, who is also the township's fire marshall, resigned his position on the Maintenance Department, June 8. Also, Jeffrey Schomelly was recommended to full-time status in the Maintenance Department.

Whiteman mentioned that the first Joint Traffic Impact Study meeting was held on July 9 with several surrounding townships in attendance. Whiteman stated that a second meeting with Lancaster Township attending would be held soon.

In other news, Supervisor Randy McEwen noted that the police department handled 182 calls in June, while the maintenance department did 376 hours of roadwork. Township Engineer Bill Witman mentioned that the paving of South Twin Valley Road would commence Thursday, July 23. Burdy stated that 10-12 different townships have inquired about the John Deer Motrim Mower for sale. Burdy stated that 10 of the townships are making appointments to look over the tractor. The board also unanimously voted to cancel the July 24 workshop so the next board of supervisors meeting will be on Tuesday, Aug. 14 at 7:30 p.m.

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