Tri County Correspondent

READING-The way a baseball manager's life works, there are some good calls and then there are the not-so-good calls. We're not talking plays on the field.

Reading Phillies Manager P.J. Forbes had to go through what turned out to be one of the best calls a minor league manager can make as well as one that turned out be a dreaded call.

"That was a pleasant phone call," said Forbes of notifying former R-Phils pitcher Scott Mathieson that he was being summoned to take a turn in the starting rotation of the Philadelphia Phillies. "That's one of the kind of calls you want."

Mathieson was 6-2 with a 3.05 ERA for Reading and was leading the Eastern League with 95 strikeouts in 85 2/3 innings.

Asked if he felt any loss over Mathieson's promotion, Forbes said straightforwardly, "That's our job: To get guys to the next level

"We're extremely happy. It was well deserved."

And just as things can go from bad to worse, Forbes had to inform second baseman Tim Moss that he was being sent down to Clearwater.

Moss was hitting .180, was leading the R-Phils in homers with seven and was second in RBI with 23. He was also leading the club in errors with nine and strikeouts with 82 in 102 at-bats.

From the beginning of the season, there was some concern that Moss might be overmatched at Double A. "I'd like to say, 'No'", offered Forbes on that concern. But he said that Moss was finding it tough to get going after getting off to such a poor start hitting .132 in April. But in May, Moss hit .202 and was hitting .200 when he was sent down.

"Yeah, he showed signs," said a somber Forbes. "He will work to straighten things out."

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