Upon a review of the East Nantmeal Township Comprehensive Plan, Chairman Gary Elston said he wanted "to make sure they don't stick anything next to us.' Township Engineer Fred Turner said there is an area where mobile homes are permitted near the boundaries between East and West Nantmeal townships. A certain type of zoning and land use was pushed to the boundary of the township to an area west of Route 401 near Hedge Road and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It follows the concept of providing for a fair share of each type of land use.

Turner said the only residential use permitted in an industrial area is mobile homes. It places mobile homes beside prime agriculture land. He said there is no infrastructure to support mobile homes. The type of ground on the west side of the turnpike is more aligned to that of West Nantmeal Township than East Nantmeal Township. A letter will be sent to East Nantmeal authorities forwarding the feelings of West Nantmeal Township officials.

Chuck Dobson asked for a waiver from stormwater management at Huntsfield. Twenty single family dwellings on two-acre lots are planned along Creek Road near Route 82. Dobson said after discussing storm water runoff with his engineer, with proper ground water control, they could control the water going into the culvert near the two homes located near the corner of Creek Road and Route 82. He said they could reduce the flow from 35 to 75 percent.

Turner said each lot will have its own water seepage bed. Lots 13 and 20 will have larger seepage basins. He added the developers plan will provide enough underground recharge that the waivers are allowable. The individual lot seepage beds will provide for runoff from the roofs.

Dobson said the deepest seepage pit would be six feet in depth and a homeowners association would maintain the seepage beds. Supervisor Omar Beam said, "We should show these plans to the present residents because of the problems they have.' Dobson said we would clean out the existing culverts and replace a pipe under the road.

Elston said to invite the residents here to the planning commission meeting Feb. 25. Then in March we can endorse the plans. Beam said there is no way a development can cut down water run off from farmland 35 to 75 percent, if it is contoured right. Dobson said he intends to do it right.

Maryann Tustin said the West Nantmeal Historical Commission is making files for the historical documents they have. She said the supervisors need to know the plans and policies of the historical commission. She said the supervisors should also adopt policies relating to the Historical Commission.

Tustin said collections of historical materials should be preserved as the donors wish. A donor may request an appraisal from an auctioneer or an antiques dealer. Also, the donor might ask for a letter citing the donation for tax purposes. "People want to know the value of the items they donate in writing,' she added.

Frank Houck asked about the setback requirements for sheds. A permit is also required. He said a neighbor put a shed 15 feet on his side of the property boundary. It has been there two years.

Elston said it is up to the property owners to know where the property line is. Russ Yerkes said he would look into it.

A resident of Green Hollow Road said he is concerned about plans to build 688 living units in Wallace Township. Twenty acres of the development are in West Nantmeal Township. He asked if West Nantmeal Township is going to get involved. He showed a brochure on the type of affordable housing they might build in Wallace Township. Presently, the plans for the development are being debated by lawyers for the developer, lawyers representing a citizens group and lawyers representing the Wallace Township planning commission, he said.

Elston said, "We would develop the 20 acres our way.'

Turner added cluster housing is permitted in some areas near the turnpike. It does not include affordable housing.

Beam told the resident to attend the township meeting when the plans for the development in Wallace Township are brought here.

The supervisors reviewed Sam Ackers' plans for a four-bay garage to be built on about an acre of ground on Route 82 just beyond the intersection at Loags Corner. The garage would also contain an office area and there would be an apartment above it.

They discussed conditions, set backs, a planned parking area and stormwater management around the 7,200 square-foot cinder block building. Preliminary plans were approved. Final plan approval will be granted when all conditions are met and other items are settled, said Elston.

Preliminary plan approval was granted to plans submitted by Keith Grant for land he owns near Isabella and Woods roads.

A resolution was approved relating to setting escrow fees in construction. A resolution was also approved which establishes a time for plans to be submitted for consideration on the agenda. Plans must be in by noon on Wednesday before the next regularly scheduled supervisors meeting.

Tree removal was approved on a property on Green Hollow Road.

Secretary Susan Ward said there is a period every seven years for review and renewal of agreements related to the Act 43 land conservation program. Anyone with questions, changes or modifications to their agreements should contact the township office.

Elston said plans are being made to repair the township's basketball and tennis courts.

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