A short preview of the Geographic Information System (GIS) was presented by Nanci Sarcinello, GIS manager from Thomas Comitta Associates of West Chester. Thomas Comitta Associates is the Warwick Township land planner.

Sarcinello asked the board of supervisors to consider the GIS program in the comprehensive plan update. She said the GIS program was used in the Charlestown Township comprehensive plan update. The process took about 18 months. The 2000 census and aerial photography were used. Various data bases including environmental information, property maps, transportation routes, population, available water, natural and historical resources, etc. were considered.

Act 68 was considered, which permits adjoining townships to join together in comprehensive planning. Certain zones are placed in a suitable location in one township rather than creating the same zone in each township. Regional planning is sometimes preferable.

She presented mapping overlays of various colors denoting natural resources, transportation routes, villages and utilities and environmental features. Beneficial development restraints were created when considering flood plains, wetlands, seasonal high water and 100-year flooding.

In the Charlestown planning, polices for future land use were made. Landowners with 25 acres or more were presented with options for conserving their land. Mailing lists were compiled and data about conservation easements was made available.

Chairman Charles Jacob said the cost depends on how much the township would decide to do. The Warwick Township Conservation Plan was created in 1993.

The preliminary plan for a 19-lot subdivision on County Park Road referred to as Coscia/Major, was given preliminary approval with conditions. Charles Garner, attorney for Coscia/Major said they would present the final plan within 90 days. He said they would comply with the letter from the planning commission.

Jacob said the plans would be reviewed by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources. Various approvals are needed.

Requested conditions for final approval of the French Creek Golf Course and Village have been met. The building at the treatment plan for the golf course and village in Warwick Township will resemble a barn. It will appear to be authentic. The sewage treatment system will provide for the French Creek Golf Course and Village in three townships. It will recharge the ground water system said Supervisor Rob Johnson.

Plans for Stonewell Golf Course II, phase one were submitted Oct. 18. Yerkes Associates is reviewing them. Jacobs said there is a lot of work to do with the plans. A letter from Fred Maki, owner of a vineyard on Grove Road, is being considered.

Clay Chandler presented a sketch plan for development of the Yoder Tract on Routes 345 and 23. Jacob said the plans would be reviewed by the planning commission.

Plans for Hillcrest Woods and Meadow Run were submitted Nov. 5. There will be a walking tour of the 10 acre parcels Dec. 12. The proposed development is located on Warwick Furnace Road.

Jacob said a letter regarding road dedication for Victoria Chase and Warwick Chase at the Victoria of Warwick Development near Knauertown, has been received. Secretary Joan Grimley said some road repairs are needed before the roads can be accepted for dedication.

A resident of Warwick Village expressed concern about heavy truck traffic on Route 345. Jacob said they will wait and watch the situation. He said the heavy traffic might be temporary.

Work on James Mill Bridge is going on ahead of scheduled. Jacob said at the last meeting of the planning commission, they reviewed plans for Coscia/Major, Stonewall II, phase I, and approved the French Creek Golf Course and Village. A concept for providing space for cell towers was discussed.

The Warwick Township Historical Commission is looking for one or two new members. The township planning commission also needs a new member.

The Northern Federation of Chester County Communities is doing a regional study of how municipalities can work together according to the provisions of State Act 67 and Act 68. Warwick, South, North and East Coventry townships are considering municipal cooperation. An ordinance has to be passed.

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