Are you the person that is spotted in the car, windows up, loudly singing to whatever song happens to be on the radio?

The Tri-County Community Chorus, which is having its kick-off meeting on Thursday, May 22 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Village Library in Morgantown, is open to anyone in the area that wants to sing. No matter your talent, no matter your experience, if you have a voice, bring it to the meeting. And bring your ideas, because this group is truly a collaborative effort.

The goal of the Tri-County Community Chorus is simple-to bring people of the community together for the sole purpose to have fun and fellowship while singing a variety of musical genres.

Instrumental musicians should also join us, because there are lots of choral pieces that call for musicians, such as guitarists, pit orchestrations, etc. Anyone with a musical hankering should come to the first meetings, because our choral and musical endeavor will only be as good as those that 'pitch' in.

This new group is the idea of Cathy Coffman, a local resident who successfully organized and helped run Sound Advice, a serious jazz ensemble that worked the Berks and surrounding area for more than a decade. She also founded the Twin Valley Area Ice Hockey Club, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Additionally, Aileen McCulloch and the Vagabond Acting Troupe are collaborating with the Chorus, and are generously working with the group to provide rehearsal space at their facility at the corner of Rt. 82 and Fairview Road, at the old St. Peter's church in Honey Brook. McCulloch, who is the creative director and founder of Vagabond, says the collaborative spirit of two artistic endeavors will broaden the reach of arts within the community.

Both groups will help defray the rental costs with show fees, dues, and other efforts.

Immediate needs are for a core group of singers and musicians that want to brainstorm the direction(s) of the group. Sacred and secular music, pop and rock, musicals and Broadway Show Tunes-all ideas and genres are on the table! And open mind and an appreciation for all music are the only requisites.

To express your interest or to ask any questions, contact the Tri-County Community Chorus at,

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