ELVERSON - The Twin Valley High School is piloting a computer program along with Microsoft to give students and teachers a wider range of technological options.

The free LIVE@edu program will enable students and faculty to have their own e-mail addresses, a workspace that they can access from anywhere, storage at Microsoft and a calendar that they can update.

"Our students are 21st century learners," said TVHS Principal Kate Long. "We're meeting kids where they are. We're trying to make our

classrooms look more like their world."

According to Ken Gibson, information technology administrator, both students and teachers asked for better ways to connect with each other.

The personal e-mail addresses will originally be part of a closed system, meaning the address will only work when mailing to other addresses within the system. In this way, Gibson said that the district would still have the ability to "manage and monitor."

Students will also be given 25 gb of storage space that they can access from anywhere, as opposed to the 250 mb they had been working with up to this point.

Long explained the school would be working with the Caernarvon Township Police Department for lessons on cyber safety.

In addition, Microsoft has cyber bullying laws and profanity filters that the school can use. All who sign up for the account will also have to agree to the school district's acceptable use policy for Internet use.

Long said she believes the outcomes of this new program will include increased communication throughout the district, an ease of accessibility, the potential for inter-disciplinary collaboration and the forming of students into responsible technology users.

She also said the district is considering LIVE@edu an enhancement to the current programs the school uses.

At the high school's back-to-school night on September 10 at 6:30 p.m., parents will get more information on the program and Gibson will be on hand throughout the evening to answer any questions.

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