Students, mentors and employers were honored at the annual Twin Valley School to Career Appreciation breakfast held at the Holiday Inn-Morgantown on Friday, May 23, 2003.

Meredith Dombach was named Intern of the Year and Laurie Benjamin was named Co-op Student of the Year. Terri Vieldhouse of Vieldhouse Machinery of St. Peters was named Employer of the Year. Eleanor Long, a music teacher at Twin Valley Middle School received the Mentor of the Year award.

The program opened with a welcome from Meghan Lapp. Lapp said, a special thank you to all who helped to shape our futures and Values. Sarah Christman was chosen to ask the blessing.

Kathy Bean School to Career Coordinator presented certificates to students and a plaque to the mentors. Students receiving certificates were David Brown, Chris DiRenzo, Meredith Dombach, Lindsay Eshelman, Andrew Lightner, Angela Lilley, Dan McCarney, Christina Miller, Brittney Pyle, Brandi Reid, Amy Jo Rinier, Britt Ross, Christine Scanzaroli, Robyn Schelenz, Connie Schubel, Laura Steiger, Carrie Stoltzfus, Edgar Sullivan, Kim Weller and Kelly Wenrich.

Mentors for the 2002-2003 school year were Deborah Mountz, Kathy Hoffman, Diane Darby, Jacqueline Bender, Christopher Moyer, Eleanor Long, Daniel Mussolini, Edwina Stultifies, Mary Ann Razzing, Mary Ann Berthoud, Sandra Crook, Jamie Burns, Kelly McBride, Suzanne Kline, Betsy Dubrow-Cappucio, Kathy Navarre, Susan Plewa, Beverly Perella, Monica Hartey, Eileen Stemba, Rachel Klemmer, Leo Scaccia, Bill Vitale, Rebecca Gordon and Tracy Blunt.

Angela Madonna, School to Career Coordinator, presented the Co-op Certificates to the students, their mentors and the company where they worked. Students were Laurie Benjamin, Cassandra Burkman, Sarah Christman, Melissa Curtis, Tara Davanzati, Joe Egolf, Bronson Fox, Melissa Gauthier, Meghan Lapp, James McGowan, Katie Powers, Brad Robinette, Jaime Smith, Dennis Stoudt and Brooke Troupe.

Companies that participated in the program were Chester County Medical Group, Founders Bank, El-Mor Chevrolet, Hildebrandt Learning Center at Tel Hai, The CafÃ&Copy;, The Seven Stars Inn, Weaver Feed Mill, Hibernia County Park, The Picture People, Warwick Childcare Center, Cochran Construction Company, Rainbow Valley Childcare, Grateful Dog Enterprises, Inc., Frank Lampleys Office, V & S Sandwiches and Tel Hai Retirement Community.

Mentors for the program were Peggy Maleski, Lois Fury, Tammy Hartman, Melissa Shumate, Caitlin Cliggett, Joseph Walters, David Weaver, John Vickers, Kimberly Bancroft, Linda Wells, James Cochran, Ginger Messner, John Gagliardi, Frank Lampley, Richard Grab and Kim Pratt.

The guest speaker was Golf Pro Tom Morgan of the Reading Country Club. He congratulated the students and mentors and told the students "I love what I do because I like working with people. There are choices in life and I made a choice to be happy in this life no matter what it takes," said Morgan. He told the seniors to be go-getters and make it happen.

The closing was made by Principal Lyle Bliss who noted, "This is among the finest programs in the school."

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