The 6th grade “Let’s Get Cooking “ class of Twin Valley Middle School had an exciting opportunity to visit Morgantown Coffee House on Tuesday, June 5, to close out the semester of learning. Head chef, Patrick Daley, and owner, David Backhus, welcomed our 14 students into Morgantown Coffee House’s work space in order to advance their food-prep skills while creating a recipe together. We had a fantastic time of learning in a real kitchen environment, under the guidance of a professional chef. The outcome was nothing less than thrilling. We each walked away with a delicious, cooperatively prepared salad of corn, freshly sliced off the cob, hand-carved ribbons of jalapeño peppers, diced bell peppers, and pickled onions, all on a bed of organic salad mix, topped with a fresh tarragon vinaigrette. What a worth-the-while hour, learning from our local best at a local favorite!

A huge thank you to David, for providing this trip, including time and ingredients, free of charge, and to Patrick for sharing his knowledge in such an interesting and relatable way. Morgantown Coffee House is a gem for countless reasons. This, no doubt, shows off another facet of their brilliance.

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