Twin Valley

Left to right: Tyler Franks, Chris Doyle and Allena Kishpaugh.

On February 27, the Twin Valley Rotary Club was proud to honor Twin Valley High School seniors Allena Kishpaugh and Tyler Franks as their students of the month. The presentation was made at their weekly meeting. Allena and Tyler were honored for their participation in extra-curricular activities and outstanding academic achievement.

Allena Kishpaugh has challenged herself in both academics and extracurricular activities throughout her four years at Twin Valley. She has taken numerous AP Courses while also completing multiple Project Lead the Way classes. Allena enjoys foreign languages having completed her fourth year of Chinese with her last course conducted as dual enrollment at Brigham Young University. Seeking a new challenge and to broaden her language skills, she is dual enrolled at BYU this semester taking Introduction to Arabic. Outside the classroom, Allena has participated in lacrosse and soccer all four years while also serving in leadership roles in both National Honor Society and Mini-THON. Serving on Mini-THON has allowed Allena to support funding for pediatric cancer research raising over $30,000 in the past three years. Additionally, she was a member of the Twin Valley Chorus and a cast member in spring musicals. Most importantly, she cherished the opportunity to volunteer with the Heroes Program mentoring elementary school students.

Allena has recently been accepted to the United States Military Academy at West Point. She plans to pursue a degree in international relations while continuing to develop her language skills. Following college, Allena intends to serve as an officer in the United States Army. She is excited to start her next chapter following graduation from Twin Valley having been fully prepared for both the new challenges and opportunities awaiting her.

Ever since Tyler was a little kid, Tyler has been a very independent person. From dressing himself to getting his own breakfast, Tyler did his own thing and took care of his business, schoolwork, and activities all on his own at the age of 5. He took karate classes, was a cub scout, and played basketball while growing up. He is still the same way today. Tyler is a responsible, hardworking young man. He has proven himself to be one time and time again through his academics and work life. Taking multiple AP classes, working a job, and learning on his own initiative are all accomplishments that he has bestowed. Tyler has partaken in AP classes including AP US History, AP Calculus, and AP Computer science. He previously had a job at Redner’s stocking shelves full of groceries, but now he currently works at Kohl’s packing and shipping online orders while also tending to the shoe department. Before his job, he would earn cash by babysitting the local neighbor’s kids. On his own initiative, Tyler has learned how to trade stocks in the stock market, play guitar, and code websites and programs. Tyler has also been involved in various extracurriculars such as TSA, FFA, and even filming for the boys basketball team.

Tyler cannot wait for his opportunity to finally jump into the real world and see what it has to offer. He plans to attend York College of PA to obtain a computer science degree. After obtaining his degree, Tyler plans to work as a software engineer for a few years until he has enough experience and capital to start up his own business. As his end goal, Tyler wants to help make life easier for people by using the power of computing. He eventually wants to settle down and start up a family. Tyler believes that in the end, only time will tell what his future holds.

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