Exeter Twp. teacher wins Annie Sullivan Award

News photo by Lynn Gladieux Nominees for the 2012 Annie Sullivan Award. Left to right: Brenda George, Louise Keim, Gregory Schneider, Jill Hunt, William Schlosser, Jessica Chrusch, Robert Stepehaskie and Melissa Bachman. Absent from picture:  Beth Bowers.

UNION-Township Engineer Tom Unger said. "The 15-day review period for which residents could make comments or suggestions on the proposed wastewater management for the Geigertown area was up.' There were no comments. Robeson and Union Townships are cooperating to get the final plans in order for Geigertown. The township line separates the village. The Berks County Planning Commission has reviewed the proposed plans. A joint public meeting with representatives from both townships was held at 7 p.m. on April 25 at the Geigertown Fire Hall. The plans will be sent to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for review.

Unger said, "This summer road work will be done on Garey, Unionville and Black Matt Roads. All of Garey Road and part of Unionville Road near the Heritage development will be oiled and chipped.' The deteriorating condition of Garey and Black Matt Roads was discussed with options to fix them. Unger said, "Some sections had to be milled out and rebuilt. The costs for all three roads could reach $250,000 to $300,000.'

Chairman Don Basile said, "Get a list of roads together that we have to do and would like to do considering the costs. Culverts and pipes needing repair should be included in the cost.'

Supervisor John Saleneck said, "Put all of the roads earmarked for repair out collectively and individually for bids.'

Other road and drainage projects under consideration are on Crusher Road, Geigertown/ Route 82 detour, Park Road, Center Road/drainage swale, Campbell Ford Road and Cory's Court.

"Township Manager Cindy Schweitzer resigned on March 23. They are interviewing candidates to replace her.' Basile said. "It is necessary to appoint an interim township secretary and treasurer.' Basile volunteered for the interim position of secretary. Saleneck will serve as interim treasurer until a new manager is hired and prepared to do the job.

Township Solicitor Fred Hatt said, "The duties of the treasurer include accounting for daily receipts and deposits, the budget, reports to the Commonwealth, review of the work of the office staff and accounting for water and sewer.'

A resident questioned the use of township funds going for seminars or township employee training.

Hatt said, "Schweitzer was also a member of the Joint Cooperative Purchasing Committee of Berks County. Saleneck was appointed to that position.'

Wastewater management plans for the two-lot Strunk property on Fire Tower Road were reviewed and approved.

Chris Canavan, representing Vista's at Riverside along Route 724 near Holman and Red Corner Roads, was in attendance. He was accompanied by Attorney Bill Colby and Jeff Todd, traffic engineer. Todd has done a traffic study of Route 724. A time extension was granted through Aug. 21. A conditional use hearing is scheduled for May 7.

"There are nine parcels included in the proposed development on 126 acres," Canavan said. "Some of the parcels are the Donovan tract, the Henderson tract, the Angstat/Eckenroth tract and the Connolly property. About 268 units are planned for residents 55 and older. Price ranges will be from $200,000 to $275,000. There will be a commercial retail area of 20,000 square feet. Units will be in clusters of from three to four units. Eighty percent of the end units will have garages The average of units per acre will be about 2.13.'"

The conditional use hearing is a step in the process. There is an architectural review, other township required procedures, stormwater management and the road configuration included in the preliminary plan.

Canavan said, "The tract slopes from Holman Road towards the tow path along the canal. The wetlands on the other side of the canal are a restrained area where development cannot take place.' There will be a series of stormwater management ponds. Natural areas will be preserved for stormwater management from larger storms.

Traffic control is planned along Route 724 where there will be a traffic signal where needed. There will be one public road through the development. Other roads will be privately dedicated courtyard type roads. There will be an entrance from Holman Road and possibly two other entrances. There will be a centralized water system with a water storage tank and a pump house. Public sewer would be provided by Amity and Union Townships. Utilities would be gas and electricity would be from MetEd. So far they have been working on the plans for 2 1/2 years.

Supervisor Barbara Cole stressed safety at the intersection of Red Corner Road and Route 724.. She said, "The developers must consider the impact on the surrounding area.'

Saleneck mentioned extra traffic on Route 724. "The location of the water tank does not make sense,' he said.

The shops would be neighborhood oriented. Walking trails will be passively oriented. There will be a homeowners association. A fee will be charged for services including trash and snow removal. The development is maintenance free. The water system will eventually be dedicated to Union Township. A resident said the area along Route 724 near Red Corner Road is usually unpassable twice a year because of flooding.

A resident said "The construction would impact the history of the township. It is close to several old Swedish style homes, which are among the oldest in Berks County.'

Canavan said, "They have to do a survey on the tow paths and the canals. There is an old house, which was formerly a weigh station, which will be preserved.'

A resident said, "There is evidence of an Indian village.'

Basile said, "The township will consider requiring developers to do an archeological survey.'

A representative of the Heritage development said some regrading has been done. Stormwater will be channeled between homes. Residents will not be permitted to plant trees or place fences or sheds in the swales. Indian artifacts found there will be donated to the township. Hatt suggested a display case for the artifacts.

Unger said, "Grading at the Heritage development is not sufficient.' We will have to work with them to get the issue resolved.

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