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UPPER UWCHLAN - Motivated by a resident's complaints about brake noises, the township is looking for ways to keep truckers who drive their propane trucks from Teppco's Milford Road propane depot from disturbing neighbors.

The matter was brought up for discussion at last Monday's board of supervisors meeting.

Police Chief John DeMarco told the board he was awaiting a report on traffic alternatives from traffic engineering consultant Chris Wil-liams of McMahon and Associates.

Bryce Ritter, whose home sits at the intersection of Font and Milford roads, brought the situation to the municipality's attention earlier this year.

Several years ago, the township reached an agreement with Teppco to have the propane trucks that use its depot at the intersection of Milford Road and Little Conestoga Road drive straight down Milford Road to Font Road be-cause it was a "straight shot."

The trucks are supposed to come empty up Little Conestoga Road to the depot, then leave down Milford Road after they have picked up their loads of propane.

"The question is whether or not the trucks going down Milford Road should be able to use their jake brakes in that area," DeMarco said Tuesday.

DeMarco said the state Department of Transportation had informed the municipality it would be unable to restrict the trucks based upon weight, which has left them looking for other alternatives.

"I am looking at it with the township, and we haven't developed any recommendations at present," Williams said Tuesday.

DeMarco said Wil-liams was brought in to examine the road because it may be necessary to re-engineer an intersection along the road to better accommodate truck traffic.

Teppco spokeswoman Kathleen A. SauvÃ&Copy; said her company could not control the trucks because her company's drivers do not drive them, but suggested the township post signs telling drivers not to use their engine brakes.

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