WARWICK - The timing of the Black Granite development near St. Peters Village depends on the completion of a new waste water treatment plant to serve Black Granite, St. Peters Village, the trailer court and the village of Knauertown.

A major step occurred on May 14 when the Delaware River Basin Commission met for a conference at Penns Landing in Philadelphia. A project review for matters related to the treatment plant was to be on the agenda, said Warwick board of supervisors chairman Charles Jacob.

A limited number of the approximately 90 units planned at Black Granite can be tied in to the existing treatment plant.

The treatment plant is to be located along Route 23, just east of the Owen J. Roberts School District Administration Building.

A grant of $250,000 was received from Chester County to be put toward the costs of the treatment plant, said Jacob.

A resident asked at a recent board meeting about the township's thoughts or consideration about the apartments under construction near the intersection of Routes 401 and 100 in West Vincent Township. She asked if the Northern Federation of Chester County Municipalities protested the plans.

Jacob said the Northern Federation is a think tank. "It has no teeth to compel anybody to do anything." He said it was approved before the Regional Resources Protection Plan was completed.

Township attorney Pat O'Donnell said West Vincent Township had an opportunity to preserve the remainder of the Griffith farm. It would be entirely built out in acre lots or apartment buildings would be built in one place. He said appeals went as far as the Commonwealth Court System. There were several court cases, and O'Donnell said he doesn't know of any similar situation.

A resident living along Route 345 near Mauger Road showed pictures of storm water runoff from Route 345 flowing across his property. Jacob said on a rainy day the road crew will come out and look at it to determine the best solution. Jacob thanked the resident for bringing the issue to their attention.

Jacob said the Planning Commission reviewed a master plan for a trail in northern Chester County.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental protection will sponsor a symposium on recycling at the Government Services Building in West Chester on May 21 at 8:30 am.

The Northern Federation is looking ahead toward future projects. It is planning a study on development pressure on municipalities, said Jacob. Ninety percent of the funding will be from Chester County. He said municipal planners and engineers can benefit from the study. He said there is interest in stream-bank restoration. The use of cisterns to hold storm water is of interest. A county wide storm water management program will be discussed with a joint work shop of municipal leaders in June.

Jacob said the Historical Architectural Review Board approved two applications at the April 21 meeting.

In April, there were 10 permits issued. There was a permit for a house on Ridge Road. A certificate of occupancy was issued.

On Sept. 27, "Braking the Cycle" bikers will pass through Warwick Township as part of an awareness program for H.I.V. and A.I.D.S. About 140 riders will be out to raise funds. They will ride on Jones, Kimes, Bethesda, Piersoll and Harmonyville roads.

"The Flower Patch" owned by Leslie Mohr has opened for business in a shop at 2510 Ridge Road near the Warwick Municipal Building. Gifts and flowers are available. Local delivery is available. The hours are Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon. The phone number is 610-913-3300.

O'Donnell said the owners of the Siberian huskies on St. Peters Road will appeal the decision of the Zoning Hearing Board. There is concern there are too many dogs housed in a limited space. The hearings may begin in the fall.

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