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Merle Stoltzfus, from Stoltzfus Enterprises in Elverson Borough, told the West Nantmeal supervisors he wanted to update them on plans for developing the land between the turnpike and Route 401 west of Yoder Road. He has combined two tracts equaling about 50 acres. He has talked to the turnpike commission about creating an earthen berm on the north side of the turnpike to control noise. A berm was constructed along the turnpike to control noise at the 5th phase of Summerfield. The turnpike commission said they are interested in working with him.

There has been a search for bog turtles in the wetlands along Route 401. The Fish and Game Commission said there are no bog turtles there. There are some down stream. They must keep earth disruption 50 feet away from any bog turtle habitat.

The biggest problem for Stoltzfus Enterprises is Route 401 in the area of the intersections of Brick Lane and Yoder Road. It will cost $95,000 for engineering work to redesign the road from about 150 feet east of Yoder Road, west to a small bridge over a stream.. It will cost $700,000. for construction. The entrance to the development will be in the vicinity of the intersection of Route 401 and Brick Lane.

Stoltzfus has looked into the availability of grants to help with the costs. He wants to consider things that he can request waivers for in the subdivision and land development ordinance.

Township Engineer April Mullock said he will have to deal with the Chester County Water Resources Authority since the stream flowing from the wetlands is of exceptional value.

Stoltzfus said he wants to work with West Nantmeal Township.

When considering recreation, there will be a walking path. There could be equestrian fields such as are scattered through Summerfield. The streets will be private and cared for by the homeowners association. The streets will be 22 feet wide. The homes will be set back further than those in Summerfield.

Chairman Gary Elston said Yoder Road and Brick Lane are old time intersections that have served their purpose. They need to be fixed.

Stoltzfus said he might find it necessary to attend West Nantmeal meetings monthly for the next six months to advance planning. He has other properties in the R4 zoning districts. Zoning changes to permit duplexes or multi-family units would be welcome.

"The more you can do with it, the more valuable the land is," Stoltzfus said.

Parkside was marketed to families with children because it is close to the school and the park. As it turned out there are only two families there.

A resident of Chestnut Tree Road complained of noise, banging trash containers, noise from jake brakes and rats at the Cupola Industrial Park on Chestnut Tree Road. He said the impact is rocking his house. There is trash dumped on the ground to transfer it to other trucks and there is noise from back hoes. The noise occurs at almost all hours.

Elston said he would meet with Mr. Blosenski again about the concerns. The truck drivers should slow down.

"We can contact the state police. We can talk to Mr. Blosenski and he can talk to the truck drivers," said Elston.

Zoning Officer Frank Newhams was there today, said Elston. Newhams and a supervisor will visit the location again and discuss issues with Joe Blosenski.

A resident complained of noise from jake brakes on Route 82.

A resident of Route 82, near Barneston, asked for an update on Phyliss Ruley, "the cat lady." Township secretary Susan Ward said recently she had a conference with the judge in-volved in the case about the issues pending. She said what has happened so far is not what she had hoped for. Nothing really has been accomplished. It is not for a lack of trying by Township Attorney Kristin Camp. We are waiting for the judge.

Beiler said it was about a year ago he first went to Phyliss Ruley's home to check out complaints. Some residents thought a few telephone calls would straighten out the problem.

Elston asked the residents to keep their eye on the place and keep a list of times Ruley is there at the house. Ward said Camp will update them on any progress.

Mullock will review the document presented for review on long range planning by the Federation of Northern Chester County Municipalities.

Elston said the merger of the Elverson Fire Depart-ment and the Morgantown Fire Department is official. The contract for 2007 with the new Twin Valley Fire Company was approved.

Halloween Trick or Treat Night is on Oct. 31 from 5 to 8 pm.

Newhams said there have been no commercial vehicles parked along New Road that would violate township zoning regulations.

Supervisor Dave Mast said the planning commission had received an in-quiry on how many lots could be subdivided on the Arters property on Yoder Road.

Beiler said the problem of water leaking from the community water system at Llangoma must be fixed before winter. There is a bad leak on one property. Elston said there is no recognized home owners association. Some property owners there have adequate private wells and sewer systems.

Elston said the houses at Llangoma were built in the early 1940's for housing for the employees at a factory there, which manufactured military clothing. This all happened before there were zoning laws. He said some septic systems have been placed on the Lemon property because there was not enough land near the homes to construct an alternate waste water system.

The developers of Wye-brook will be asked to put a water and sewer main down the center of the Llangoma Ave. Those with problems can hook up to it.

The history committee has contributed to the Ches-ter County Atlas of historic buildings,and is making a video of the township, farms and historic places.

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