You know that we have identified the fact that growth is inevitable in this region. Just look at the reports from meetings in townships like West Nantmeal and especially Caernarvon/Berks.

It seems that the region is looking to see how Caernarvon/Berks addresses and handles the prospect of a rather large shopping center setting up shop along Route 23 in Morgantown. The impact of neighboring communities can and will be enormous.

The village and residential areas of Morgantown face the potential that their integrity and nature could undergo drastic change. Is that good or is that bad?

It is bad if the change occurs without fully considering the concerns, wants, and opinions of the residents who make those areas what they are: a community.

It is good if the change occurs with acknowledgment by all parties affected and concerned that understanding and compromise are the keys to a successful future.

An expanded tax base is a nice idea, but at what price?

Residents, express your concerns. Supervisors, listen to your constituencies. Developers, respect the communities in which you wish to become a part.

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