Stephanie Reali of Morgantown ran an errand the afternoon of Tuesday, April 22, and less than an hour later, when she returned to her home at 20 Mill Rd., two dog statues that flanked her driveway had been stolen. The ornaments, cast to depict golden retrievers carrying baskets in their mouths, were made of cement and weighed approximately 200 lbs. each, according to Reali.

Reali paid nearly $400 for the pair of statues, and had planted the baskets with flowers earlier in the season. She said she never imagined there would be any problem, given the statuary' s weight and visibility...They've been there since October, 2001," Reali said.

She is stunned, and dubious that the theft could have taken place in broad daylight without being witnessed by someone. Two Conestoga Telephone employees working in the same general vicinity have given her the description of a burgundy-colored van which they say was briefly stopped near the Reali driveway, but they were unable to fill in any other details.

Reali contacted the Caernarvon Township (Berks) police at 2:36 p.m. "As soon as I drove in...I didn"t even wait to get inside to call." Sgt. William West was the responding officer. According to Sgt. West, "it probably didn't take more than two minutes" for one or two people to load up the statues. West speculates that the statues were taken to be resold, or even just to be "used in someone's garden."

Any information about the missing retriever statues can be directed to Sgt.West or officer Kevin Kelly at 610-286-1012, or to Reali herself, at 610-286-0270.

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