Something inside the ol' one was suggesting that he take the rocker back out on the porch and settle in for some good porch sitting.

So, as the kids would say, "Whassup with the weather?" Oh, sure, the Farmer's Almanac is calling for a mild winter, but what do these spring-like days portend for us who should have the winter wardrobe out and ready? Not only are the cherry blossoms reported to be blooming in Washington, D.C., ol' Morgan overhead a conversation the other day in Martins' Country Market that a forsythia was spotted ready to sprout buds.

Has winter made a wrong turn and gone south on us?

Well, ol' Morgan thought he could unravel some of this confusion. So, he got on the horn the other day and talked to a fellow at the National Weather Forecast Service over in Mt. Holly, N.J. Meteorologist Art Kraus is his name and he said that the Weather Service was not looking for real, real cold

weather. He said that the Jet Stream has recently not had a lot of dip so cold air hasn't been able to build over the U.S., except in some western parts of the country where they got hit with a blizzard.

He laughed when he told the ol' one, "Normal weather for this time of the year would feel cold right now."

Ol' Morgan got a tad defensive when Art said that the folks at the Farmer's Almanac are "just guessin'." But he did admit that he reads the Almanac for information other than the weather.

Still not content but curious, ol' Morgan thought he would put the big question to Art: Will there be a white Christmas? Turns out that there's a one in five chance that the Philadelphia area could have a white Christmas. Ol' Morgan assumed that Art was including the Tri County region in that forecast. But he added that a shift of 50 miles in a storm pattern could mean a region could get a foot of snow or snow at all.

Hmm. The closest ol' Morgan ever got to meteorology was when his Uncle John gave him a book called, Everyday Weather and How It Works. The conversation with Art was starting to become, shall we say, a bit ethereal.

When all seemed at a standstill, Art offered some hope. "December of '98 was very warm with record highs," he recalled. "And, yet we had a white Christmas."

With the holiday season heating up, so to speak, ol' Morgan has been out on the highways and byways of the Tri County region a little more than usual. And, if you remember from our conversation last week, he's getting a bit perturbed by inconsiderate and just plain stupid driving habits.

One that really gets the ol' one to rantin' is when people think they stop at a stop sign or a turn on red sign but just slow down, never bringing the vehicle to a complete halt. Ol' Morgan has heard it referred to as the "California crawl." On Page 37 of the Pennsylvania Driver's Manual it reads, "You may turn right at a red light if traffic is clear. Before making the right turn, you must always stop first and yield to pedestrians and cross traffic." On Page 10 is the passage: "Slowing down without coming to a full stop is illegal." And on Page 56, "Failure to stop at stop sign: three points."

We're not talking three points like in a basketball three-point shot, either.

Over the wireless came a report that tired to answer the question, "Does warm weather increase the likelihood of getting a cold or getting sick?" It said that warm air has a tendency to stir up allergic symptoms which can be confused with the common cold.

Hmmm. This is getting a bit confusing for the ol' one. Seems like the one clear thing is that you have to come to a full stop at a stop sign.

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