Obama will infringe on rights


I have had the privilege to be the neighbor of Reid Warren and Sam Rohrer for a number of years now. If nothing else, the political discussions are always entertaining and enlightening. I have a great deal of respect for both men and with the upcoming election cycle, things should be all the more interesting.

The Constitution was written in plain English so that every man and woman could clearly understand its intent. You don't need a Harvard educated suit to tell you what rights you will be able to keep and which of your rights will be under the subjection of the king. Every June, the legions of media and other policy wonks gather on the Supreme Court steps waiting for the town crier to come forth with the list of rights we shall be able to keep. Unfortunately, much of our destiny is determined by eight men and one women in black robes, intently interpreting what is otherwise again, a plain English document.

This is why we can no longer leave to chance, (read: Justice Kennedy), the precious rights that were secured by the blood of our forefathers. Despite what Warren thinks or states, we were one vote away from total anarchy as it pertains to constitutional gun ownership rights. This should never be an issue that even has to come before the court.

This is why we cannot allow Sen. Obama anywhere near the White House. These are his policies: big government, more regulations, more intrusion into individual liberty. The trickledown effect on the sequestration of our rights will be stunning. To empower Sen. Obama with the selection of two or three Supreme Court justices would be equally devastating. This isn't fear mongering. This is reality.

My hope is that we can all see the truth that for every law that is passed, every regulation issued from on high, every permit or license emanating from the bureaucracy, we lose more and more of our unalienable rights guaranteed to us by our state and federal constitutions. Please do not vote for any candidate that will hasten the erosion of any more of our liberties.

Jeffrey B. Ney


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