In two separate ceremonies on Sept. 8, two schools in Tulpehocken School District will celebrate their individual involvement in "No Place for Hate."Students and faculty from Penn-Bernville Elementary School will celebrate their school's second designation as "No Place for Hate," having completed another year of anti-bias and anti-bullying programs.

Bethel Elementary School will kick off its first year of the program, demonstrating the commitment of administrators, teachers, and parents to creating a safe, inclusive, bias-free learning environment for all students.

A representative from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) will attend the events and will present Penn-Bernville with its official designation banner.

Penn-Bernville Elementary School earned this designation by forming a "No Place for Hate" committee, adopting a resolution pledging to create a more inclusive school, and implementing a number of projects promoting respect for differences. Projects completed this year include "Gender Stereotyping and Careers," during which students dressed in their professional garb of choice and discussed gender awareness and stereotyping, and the continuation of last year's "Balcony Project," a large wall hanging displaying photos of children who pull others up by giving encouragement and support, with a new emphasis on the role of peer mentors to help students make their way onto the balcony. Finally, Penn-Bernville also participated in Read Across America, a series of activities that showcased children's literature with themes related to the mission of No Place for Hateˆ®.

For all the race fans, Bethel Elementary School will be bringing the Indy 500 to Bethel with the first year kick-off event of the "Bethel Brick Yard"! The kick-off activity scheduled for September 8, 2008 at 10am, will feature an assembly on school grounds where actual Sling Shots by Tobias Race Cars will be "performing" to eliminate hate and bullying. After the assembly, each child in the building will decorate their own race car which will be placed on a huge race track mural located centrally outside the main office.

Students on the track represent those who fully embrace the pledge and seek to promote tolerance and safety for all students in school. Students on the track will receive frequent recognition for their exemplary behavior.

Bethel Elementary has also incorporated several school-wide projects throughout the year including a Multicultural Day, the composition of a school song that focuses on the mission of "No Place for Hate" and Bethel's Night at the Races where the school will get discounted tickets to a local race track. The school's character education curriculum will also embrace the "No Place for Hate" mission.

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