This month we congratulate Kayli Krohmer and Reece Leber, Twin Valley High School’s December Interns of the Month.

Krohmer and Leber intern at Phoenix Rehab in Elverson with physical therapist Daniel Fick and patient care coordinator Karen Ketterer.

Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services, Inc. was founded in 1997. Today, the company has a total of more than 90 locations in various U.S. states. Since the beginning, Phoenix’s goal has been to be the rehabilitation center sought out by patients and physical therapists. Beyond providing the greatest patient experience, Phoenix is dedicated to developing skilled teams of therapists whose devotion embodies the spirit of the company.

Krohmer and Leber’s interest in physical therapy drew them to Phoenix Rehab. Thanks to their helpful and engaging staff, both interns have gained an abundance of useful knowledge on the profession. Their job entails a variety of responsibilities from working with patients and getting equipment for them, to cleaning up beds and any leftover supplies after appointments are finished. Krohmer and Leber agree that the most rewarding part of the experience is forming relationships with patients.

“Every patient I work with is very friendly and accepting, and they always make me feel like I’m doing a good job,” said Leber.

Krohmer and Leber interact with patients on a daily basis which allows them to refine their communication skills. By working with a wide range of people, they are exposed to a variety of situations that require them to think on their feet. These interactions teach them the ability to be fluid and maintain effective communication.

“Interning at Phoenix has taught me how to effectively communicate with people of multiple ages. I plan to take that skill with me beyond my internship because effective communication is crucial to success,” said Krohmer.

Krohmer and Leber’s enthusiasm about physical therapy and their genuine want to help others has made them valuable additions to the Phoenix Rehab team.

“Reece and Kayli are both very ambitious and show great initiative around the clinic. They are very interested in this profession and are always asking questions regarding patient injuries and treatments. They are very bright, cheerful, helpful and friendly to all the patients,” said Fick and Ketterer.

As Krohmer and Leber move beyond high school and their internship at Phoenix Rehab, Krohmer plans on attending college to study biology. Leber hopes to enroll at Central Penn College to earn an associate degree to become a physical therapy assistant. Their work at Phoenix has set them up with a solid foundation to be successful in all of their future endeavors. Good luck, Kayli and Reece!

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