Twin Valley names February’s intern of the month

Brad Hertzler

Brad Hertzler, a senior at Twin Valley High School, has been named February’s intern of the month. Hertzler has proven his excellence in recent months for his hard work as an intern at the Olivet Boys and Girls Pendora Park Club in Reading.

The Olivet Boys and Girls Club reaches out to the area’s young people most in need of caring help, and a safe, fun and positive environment where they can thrive. As an intern volunteering in the local community, Hertzler has been working to touch the lives of the many children who look up to him.

“The best part is seeing the kids,” Hertzler says, “and knowing that maybe I made a positive impact on them.”

It is undeniable that young Brad Hertzler has certainly made a positive impact in his internship, as the staff at the Olivet Boys and Girls Club recognizes his hard work. In the past several months Brad has been striving to excel in everything from helping kids with their homework to simply making them smile.

Mentor Kathia Montanez, commented, “Brad enlightens the club when he arrives! He comes to Olivet Pendora with a smile and ready to interact with our members. Within his timeframe two days a week he proves to many that he values his time here with our members!”

Mentor Gina Dierolf expressed, “Brad is a wonderful worker and is always looking to help and participate in any way with our members. Many of the members look forward to seeing him when he comes in and are eager to play games with him.”

Beginning his internship at the end of September, Hertzler has been investigating his possible interest in a teaching career after graduation. Hertzler’s decision to pursue this admirable career is not the most important aspect of his work experience, He feels that the true rewards he has received from this opportunity, helping children, were worth the effort even if he chooses another career path.

“I have made a lot of great connections with the students and staff there,” he expresses proudly, “and have been able to help a lot of kids learn.”

It seems that the unique opportunity Hertzler has been granted this year in his internship is the epitome of what intern programs like the one at Twin Valley High School strives to do. As Hertzler has been able to investigate an interest, gain some experience in the working world, make positive connections, and proudly help the local community.

It is also the efforts of passionate students and determined young adults, like Hertzler, that allows members of the working world to confidently pass the future of their hard work onto the younger generations. Congratulations Brad, and best of luck with your future endeavors.

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