Tyler Akers and Sakira Fussner were crowned 2015 Kutztown High School Homecoming King and Queen on Friday night, Oct. 2.

Kutztown students showed Cougar pride during Spirit Week, at the pep rally and the football game against Hamburg on Friday, Oct. 2, and the dance on Saturday, Oct. 3.

This year the Kutztown Student Council tried to make Kutztown’s 100th homecoming one to remember.

“I thought this year’s homecoming went extremely well,” said Akers, Student Council president. “From the student council president’s point of view, everything went very smoothly. From the dance to the pep rally to spirit week, I am very pleased with how my officers did with planning everything.”

Since Akers and the rest of the senior class of 2016 were freshmen, homecoming has evolved, with more students getting involved and showing their Cougar pride.

“The entire process of homecoming has definitely evolved dramatically since I was a freshman. Students have become more and more involved every year, and school spirit has gone through the roof. Not only are we looking to promote school spirit, but in the past two years we’ve also turned homecoming events and activities into fundraising for charity. This year specifically we wrote letters and gathered care packages for soldiers in Afghanistan and collected donations for our second annual MiniTHON,” Akers said.

Throughout spirit week, each class had the opportunity to earn spirit points by what percentage of students in each grade participated in each spirit day. First place earned 30 points, second earned 20 points, third earned 10 points, and fourth earned zero points. The pep rally was the last chance for each grade to earn points based on their place in each of the games played. By the end of the pep rally, it was down to the juniors and seniors for who would be the victors, and Akers, the pep rally mc, announced the winner.

Akers said, “It was an amazing feeling to reveal the seniors had won homecoming week for the second year in a row, and celebrate the victory with my class.”

The pep rally was a fun event for all students, and later that night was the crowning of the homecoming king and queen. Usually the crowning happens outside during halftime of the football game, but due to Hurricane Joaquin approaching, the event was moved indoors and occurred before the football game.

Senior Sakira Fussner, who was a member of the homecoming court, said, “At first I was disappointed about the homecoming ceremony being moved indoors because I was really looking forward to the tradition of being in a convertible for the halftime parade, but once we were in the gym I was just as excited to be apart of it indoors. Plus once I stepped outside and felt how cold it was, I was extra grateful it was moved indoors.”

Kutztown’s 100th homecoming court was composed of six senior males and females. Tyler Akers escorted Sakira Fussner, Kyle Hartman escorted Krista Kunkle, Kyle Balthaser escorted Trista Smith, Patrick Moyer escorted Kaitlyn Floyd, Christian Graff escorted Maria Meigio, and Phillip Donner escorted Casey Kuhns.

School counselor, Andrew Brett, announced the king first, Tyler Akers.

“When I won homecoming king I was in complete shock and gratitude. Being a very active member in my school and community, I knew I had a shot of winning, but at the same time there were five other guys who were just as deserving of it,” said Akers.

His running mate, Fussner, said, “When I heard my running mate, Tyler’s [Akers] name being announced I was so excited for him. Tyler, being a great friend and involved in everything at school, deserved it. I don’t think anyone deserved it as much as he did. I also knew how happy and excited he would be to win so it was a great feeling overall.”

Next, Brett announced Kutztown’s 2015 homecoming queen, Sakira Fussner.

“When I heard my name being announced after Tyler’s I was partly in shock, and partly super excited. I didn’t expect my name to be called, but I was happy it was! A big part of homecoming is people recognizing your involvement in the school and voting for you because of that. And when I found out I won, everything I participate in and my school spirit seemed to pay off. It was a great feeling to win, but just being a part of the court was an amazing experience alone,” said Fussner.

Akers was also delighted with Fussner winning, he stated, “It was really awesome that Sakira Fussner won with me. We’ve been best friends since 8th grade, so being able to enjoy winning with someone so close to me was a great feeling.”

Akers and Fussner both enjoy their new king and queen status, but are happy they were able to experience the entire process with their friends.

“I had no idea we would both win. There were a lot of great candidates on court, all great friends of mine, and everyone has just as good a chance as we did. Throughout the whole process, the aspect of winning didn’t cross my mind, being on court with my good friends was all that mattered to us [Akers and Fussner], and I know that everyone had a great time.”

The final event of Kutztown’s homecoming was the dance on Oct. 3. There was a nice student turnout and the students danced all night.

“The homecoming dance was lit. The decorations were awesome, and the DJ kept the party going. We had a great turnout, and I hope it only gets bigger next year.”

Kutztown’s 100th homecoming was one to remember.

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