The Virginville Grange sponsored the 2020 Kempton Fair Coloring Contest, even though the fair for this summer had been canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“The coloring contest sheets were printed up and the prize money had been set aside for this event months ago, so it only seemed fitting to go ahead with the coloring contest,” said Jenn Berger, Virginville Junior Grange Leader. “Our Grange loves to hold events to help out our community; there was no hesitation about continuing on with it this year. We just tweaked how we did it. We felt the show must go on, so the kids could have some sort of normalcy during this difficult time, when events keep getting canceled.”

Since the COVID-19 shutdown has started, Virginville Grange has hosted an Easter Egg goodie bag giveaway handing out more than 60 goodie bags instead of hosting the annual Easter Egg Hunt and they also gave away 864 dinners to first responders and local families at a BBQ chicken dinner giveaway.

“We feel it's important to continue activities like this during social distancing because now is when everyone can use a little extra kindness and caring,” said Berger. “We are always striving to come up with new ideas on how to help our fellow residents and community.”

Virginville Grange started sponsoring the Kempton Fair coloring contest a few years ago, when the fair was looking for a group to sponsor it. Jon Bond, a local Albany Township artist, designs the coloring page and then the Grange has it printed along with a rules sheet.

Berger said that in the years before, families could pick up a copy at Albright's Mill, Rabert's Sunoco, Dietrich's Meats & Country Store and Wanamaker's General Store, but this year they weren't available at those places due to the COVID-19 shutdown. The Grange obtained permission to email the coloring pages to the children from the Kutztown and Greenwich elementary schools, as well as emailed them to anyone who requested one through the Grange’s Facebook page post.

The Grange also changed the due date to Saturday, June 20 and had them mailed or dropped off at Berger’s house in Kutztown instead of to the Kempton Fairgrounds.

“We were happy to have 28 children take part in the coloring contest this year,” said Berger. “A Virginville Grange member, Erica Berger, had the difficult job of judging them. We awarded the top three winners in each age group.”

The contest included six age groups, and all participants will be receiving a $5 Rita's gift card when Jenn Berger mails their coloring pages back to them along with prize money if they placed in the top three.

“We hope that it brought the kids some fun and normalcy during this difficult time. We hope that all the kids enjoy their free Rita's this summer,” said Berger. “I heard from a few parents that the children were looking forward to the coloring contest, we are so glad we went forward with it. Virginville Grange is all about families and giving back to our community. Our Junior Grange motto is ‘It's all about the kids.’ We strive to brighten their lives with our Grange events.”

Berger thanks all of the prize winners of the coloring contest.

“They all did a wonderful job. We are so happy that the kids took time to enter the coloring contest. Thank you to all the children who participated!” said Berger. “Can't wait to see all the kids coloring contest entries next year at the 2021 Kempton Fair.”

Berger encourages new members to join Grange.

“If anyone is looking to join an organization, Grange is a great organization where you can have some fun, help with banquets or events, grow as a person and spread love into our community. Grange is for the whole family, we take members as young as 5 years old up to 100 plus years old,” said Berger.

For more information, check out the Virginville Grange Facebook page.

“Everyone is invited to join us for any of our informational meetings and events when we are able to start meeting again in the future,” said Berger.

Coloring Contest Winners

Age 3

1st place- Lily Siegfried

2nd place- Codey Fayewicz

Age 4

1st place- Brynne Troutman

2nd place- Janzen Dixon

Age 5

1st place- Hunter Biegley

2nd place- Jackson Wyland

3rd place- Shiphrah Kurtz

Age 6

1st place- Clara Knauss

2nd place- Willow Troutman

3rd place- Carisa Schaeffer

Age 7

1st place- Maci Kehl

2nd place- Avery Yearick

3rd place- Nolan Fayewicz

Age 8

1st place- Kaylynn Knauss

2nd place- Julia Berger

3rd place- Mackenzie Gougler

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