I recently saw an article about one close-by township giving their borough manager a $15,000 raise. The Amity Township board of supervisors also approved 4 percent raises for six administrative employees and a.5 mill fire tax. And it looks like the Daniel Boone School Board, is going to spend thousands of dollars on something that has nothing to do with education.Can't you people who run our townships and school boards see what is going on in the economy? You are giving out pay raises, and spending money on something that is not needed, while people are losing their homes, because they cannot keep up with the upkeep and high taxes.

Many people who were retired had to go get a job to pay these taxes and healthcare. Haven't you people seen all the sheriff sales in Berks County this past year, 2008?

Now Birdsboro is going crazy with the cost of water. I believe all our problems are a result of too high wages. If it keeps up this way, very few homeowners will be able to pay these taxes. You are leading this economy into a big downfall. Wages are to high in this country. Many businesses have closed. Retired people are being hurt. No one like to have wages cut, but it's the only way out of this situation. Believe it.

Robert R. Stover


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