The Albany Township Historical Society will host Commonwealth Speaker and Culinary Historian, Susan Plaisted at their monthly meeting, Monday, Sept. 15, at 7:30 p.m. The headquarters is located on 404 Old Philly Pike in Kempton. The presentation is free and open to the public.Wearing a 17th Century mantua, Plaisted will bring Pennsylvanians to their roots as she explores founder William Penn through his gastronomical experiences. The basic history of Penn, his relationship to England, the acquisition of the Charter and his Quaker background all will be intertwined in this unique look at Pennsylvania's first governor. Power Point images depicting the gardens and reproductions of 17th century receipts from Pennsbury Manor will bring the food ways of Penn to life. Food defined the person and food was used as a tool for establishing, controlling and displaying status. Penn's descriptions of foods in this country, his discussions of food and beverages in his papers and the foods he requested to be planted in his gardens will be discussed.

This presentation is a program of the Pennsylvania Humanities Council, sponsored in part by a grant from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. The PHC inspires people to come together to share a life of learning. Since 1973 the PHC has provided resources that empower local groups to help their communities explore history, literature, the arts and the ideas that shape the human experience.

For directions to Albany Township Historical Society, visit the website at

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