The smell of smoke and burnt tiles is most noticeable towards the back of the Boyertown Library.In the front half, where rows of shelved books are covered with tarps, the smell changes to damp books and tiles.

Even though there is no prominent flame damage done to the Boyertown Library following the fire that claimed the life of Loah Whitmore on Aug. 5, who lived in the apartment above the library, many walls must be repainted, tiles must be replaced and many books will be lost.

"Volunteers are being collected in reorganizing and sorting books," said Linda Famous on a tour of the library Monday. "But we're leaving the clean up to the professionals."

Fallen tiles and rubble from the tiles make some sections of the libray floor look like paper mache on the ground.

While the electric was turned back on early last week, the board of directors are waiting to be cleared by the borough code enforcement officer.

Library Director Ed Goyda said the children's wing would be closed for several weeks following the reopening of the library, for which there is no definite date yet.

The Reading Berks Booksmobile donated six shelves worth of childrens books to make up for those damaged by water.

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