The last Where are They Now article was a look back and an update on Robin Conrad. Now we're going to find out what her sister Bambi is up to, and a look back on her softball career.Bambi and her husband of 23 years, Greg Crawford, have a 15 year old son Ryan, as well as a Shetland sheepdog named Toby. They make their home in Winchester, Virginia.

Bambi is keeping busy with a few home projects, making sure her son gets to all of his football practices and Boy Scout activities, playing with my dog and just being a wife/mom.

They spent a week in Las Vegas this summer and also cruised to the beautiful island of Bermuda. "We had a wonderful time," said Bambi.

"While my son was on a 10 day high adventure (Boy Scout) sailing trip to the Florida Keys, my husband and I hung out in Vegas. The three of us plus my in-laws spent time in Bermuda. It's been a busy summer for us.

Bambi worked for Project HOPE which is an international non-profit organization which provides humanitarian and medical aid to third world countries.

"The best part was that I was my own boss and my schedule could be very flexible."

When her son was born in 1993, Bambi decided to quit her job and stay home. She's been home ever since.

Bambi played for the Optimist Club of Boyertown's softball program like her sister Robin did a few years later. She learned how to pitch by watching other pitchers, read a lot of books and had guidance from coaches. Learning how to pitch wasn't as hard as she thought. It just required a lot of concentration.

"I wanted to play softball and the only position that I thought I had a shot at was pitcher," she said. "All the other positions were pretty much filled with returning players and the team only had one returning pitcher at that time."

Bambi started playing softball at Boyertown High in 1976 which was her sophomore year. She just liked sports and thought she'd give it a try. Her favorite memory was the road trips to away games. "We had so much fun on the bus," said Crawford.

"If we won, the bus driver would cruise the main street (E. Philadelphia. Ave.) and all of us would be hanging out the windows yelling. Some of the team-mates I remember were Robin Herb, Debbie Eck, Marcy Seyler, Becky Youva, Dee, Dee Kish, Colleen Mackey, Debbie West, Donna McCan, Pat Kriebel and Nadine Fronheiser just to name a few."

After graduating from Boyertown High, Bambi attended Shepherd College in Shepherdstown (which is now Shepherd University), West Virginia and majored in business administration, with a concentration in accounting and a minor in computer science.

She played softball for two years (freshmen and sophomore years) where she pitched and played the outfield. Her favorite memory was the road trips.

"We had so much fun travelling together," said Crawford. "My freshman year we had a woman for a coach. All I remember about her was she was a lot of fun. My sophomore year we had a man coach and he was pretty much - 'duh.'"

There was one coach who has a lot of respect for. "The best coach I ever had was Sue Benfield," said Crawford.

Crawford and her family don't get a chance to come home very often because they live 200 miles away. When she does come back, she likes to go and eat a good hoagie and cheeses-teak.

"You can't find a real hoagie/cheese steak in Virginia," said Crawford.

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