Reading Boulevard was filled with a charming aroma last week, as attractive flowers adorned the heart of the Wyomissing Public Library-and anyone with a green thumb was there.

On June 15-16, the 10th Annual Community Flower Show was presented by the library, with assistance from members of the Garden Club of Reading.

This year's show celebrated three significant birthdays: the borough's centennial year, the library's 95th anniversary, and the 10th year of the Flower Show.

The celebratory theme was "Putting on the Ritz" and the turnout was remarkable.

"Every year it gets more successful," exclaimed Jacqueline Roddy, a library board member who also serves on the Garden Club of Reading committee. "This is the first time that the three anniversaries have coincided."

The event had two divisions - Horticulture and Design - and approximately 43 categories. Most of the flowers in the Horticulture section can be found in gardens throughout the community.

"With the good weather we had in June, we got a lot of roses," Roddy mentioned, adding that, all participants are amateur gardeners. "It's an opportunity for everyone to enjoy what they are doing and to showcase what's in their backyards."

In addition to the Flower Show, the library contributed a handout that listed the more than 200 gardening books that can be found inside. Arranged by library director Chris Ritter, the listings are currently on display and provide readers with additional library resources.

The 1st Place Winners:

Steve Witman: Rose-Floribunda

Bev Munsing: Old Garden Rose

Heidi Stobbart: Ground Covers - Lamium

Diane Yoh: Herbs - Dill

Sharon Scullin: Herbs - Clary Sage

Betsy Hassler: Herbs - Lavander

Heidi Stobbart: Herbs - Feverfew

Diane Yoh: Herbs - French Tarragon

Betsy Hassler: Evergreens - Broadleaf Evergreen

Steve Witman: Rose - French Perfume

Alana Badinger: Annuals - Larkspur

Betsy Hassler: Perennials - Gallardia-Fanfare

Julia Devos: Perennials - Delphinium

Betsy Hassler: Perennials - Yarrow

Heidi Stobbart: Perennials - Hosta Flower

Alana Badinger: Perennials - Circle Flower

Jen Kimball: Annuals - Impatiens

Bev Munsing: Annuals - Snapdragon

Betsy Hassler: Evergreens - Needled - Skiadopodis

Betsy Hassler: Bulbs - Iris Kaempferi

Bev Munsing: Bulbs - Cale Lily

Wyomissing Public Library Garden: Bulbs - Day Lily

Bev Munsing: Bulbs - Japanese Painted Fern

Jeri Kozloff: Perennials - Hosta (Small, Medium, & Giant)

Bev Munsing: Perennials - Astilbe

Betsy Hassler: Perennials - Heuchera (Coral Bells)

Judy Vehse: Perennials - Paeonia "Pink Parfait"

Jeri Kozloff: Design Division - Class I, "Birthday Blast"

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