Agents and staff of Richard A. Zuber Realty recently invited the community to join them in a food drive to replenish the area’s food pantries that are experiencing an unusually greater need throughout the COVID pandemic.

“Our effort is designed to heighten awareness of the needs of our most vulnerable community members and provide them with what they need while giving members of our communities a convenient way to demonstrate their empathy and compassion,” owner Richard A. Zuber said in a release.

Agent Beth Baker handed out fliers in Royersford to create awareness of the effort. The agency and individual agents shared details about the drive on social media. Designated boxes were placed outside the Boyertown and Royersford offices for the community to drop off food and supplies from Jan. 4 to Jan. 18.

One family used the food drive as a teachable moment. The Woods-Hill family donated bags of food and essentials to the Royersford Zuber Realty office.

“The mother said she is trying to have her boys involved in community service efforts like a run or walk of any kind for cancer or diabetes, for example, and the Zuber organization gave her a perfect opportunity to start the new year,” said Paula Babb, the staff member who was on hand to receive the donation.

The Richard A Zuber Realty community food drive concluded on Martin Luther King’s National Day of Service, a federal holiday designated as a national day of service to encourage all Americans to volunteer to improve their communities on Jan. 18.

“Our watchwords for this new year are positivity, energy, and purpose,” said Zuber. “For Martin Luther King’s National Day of Service, we wanted to provide a convenient way for our communities to participate.”

The Zuber Realty bus recently delivered all donations, including food and essentials, to Preston’s Pantry in Boyertown and Open Door Ministry in Royersford.

“(We) were delighted at the level of response our offices have reported. Folks really want to help,” he said. “Service in our communities is a highlight of the Zuber Realty agency. Looking out for one another is sorely needed in these challenging times.”

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