Editorial by Lisa Mitchell

Budgets are a hot topic right now. Tax increases seem to be a norm.

The economy is still struggling, unemployment numbers are still high and raises for those who are employed are next to none. News on real estate values is also grim.

So what does that mean for local municipalities and school districts?

Budget cuts, tax increases and rising fees for municipal services like water, sewer and electric.

The general consensus seems to be that cuts must be made to school budgets. But the big question is where to districts make the cuts? What will hurt less? What will help the most?

One parent at a Fleetwood School Board budget workshop suggested the district cut higher paying positions to gain the most benefit, instead of cutting the lower paying positions.

Another agreed with enacting an activity fee for athletics and supporting football because games draw in a lot of money to the district.

These all seem like very good ideas, but will it be enough? Can districts tighten their belts more without harming educational quality and be able to offer extracurricular activities and athletics?

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