Mary Laub

Mary Laub, of Maxatawny, is the author of "On the Farm; Where is Henny?” written in Pa Dutch with phonetic spelling and English translation. She contributes PA German columns with an English translation to Berks-Mont Newspapers.

Es iss Schunn Summer! Wu iss die Zeit gange? Wann ich en Kind waar, iss die Zeit viel langsamer gange. Yeder yaahr hawwich gedenkt es hot en lengeri Zeit gnumme fer mei Gebottsdaag un Grischtdaag kumme. Un, es hot die lengscht Zeit gnumme fer es Schulyaahr verbei sei! Dann iss es zu mir kumme as der Summer iss zu gschwind verbei gange iss. Nau binnich uffgwaxe un yeder YAAHR geht zu schtarick! Es waar yuscht Yenner net lang zerick un nau ‘sis schunn Yuli! Yammer yeh!

(It is already summer! Where did the time go? When I was a child, time went very slowly. Every year I thought it took a longer time for my birthday and Christmas to come. And, it took the longest time for the school year to be over! Then it seemed to me that the summer went by too quickly. Now I am grown up and each YEAR goes by too fast. It was just January not long ago and now it’s already July! Oh, misery!)

Ya, der Summer dutt gschwind verbei geh. Awwer ich will acht gewwe zu de wunderbaare Summer Geruch. Weil ich im Land wuhn, wach ich wann die Bauere Hoi mache. Des meent siesse Geruch vum Glee wann die Bauere es maehe. Ahh! Es riecht gut! Awwer wann sie es Hoi beele, macht der Schaab mich niesse. Dann annere Leit saage mol, “Gsundheit!” Un ich antwatt, “ Dankyaa.” So, geh ich gschwind ins Haus un grick mei Allergy Medizin - ya, ich bin allergic zum Schaab!

(Yes, the summer will go by quickly. But I will pay attention to the wonderful smells of summer. Because I live in the country, I watch when the farmers make hay. This means sweet smells from the clover when the farmers mow it. Oh! It smells good! But, when they bale the hay, the dust makes me sneeze. Then other people say, “God bless you!” And I answer, “Thank you.” So I quickly go into the house and get my allergy medicine- yes, I am allergic to the dust!)

Die Blumme- ich muss Acht gewwe fer die Blumme ihre Geruch! Unnerschitliche Blumme bliehe gewehnlich an unnerschitliche Zeide im Summer! Weil der Summer gschwind geht, wach ich wann die Blumme bliehe. Die Rose! Sie sin mei beschde. Wann ich en Ros sehn, schteck ich mei Naas nei un riech. Yammer yeh! Kachoo! Ich hab vergesse. Ich bin allergic zu de Blumme ihre Geruch! So, geh ich nochemol ins Haus un grik noch en Alergy Pill!

(Flowers- I must pay attention to the smell of flowers! Different flowers generally bloom at different times in the summer! Since summer goes quickly, I watch when the flowers bloom. Roses! They are my favorite. When I see a rose, I stick my nose into it and smell. Oh, misery! Kachoo! I forgot. I am allergic to the smell of flowers! So, I go into the house once again and get another allergy pill!)

Der Summer-es iss graad doh! Bald iss es verbei. Die Geruch sin arig gut, awwer ich bin allergic zu viel . Sell iss yuscht en glee Ding. Ich hof es gebt genunk Regge fer die Krops un die Blumme waxe mache. Gott sei dank! Der Summer iss schee.

(Summer- it is right here! Soon it will be over. The smells are wonderful, but I am allergic to many of them. This is just a small thing. I hope there will be enough rain for the crops and flowers to grow. Thank God! The summer is beautiful.)

Bis schpeeder…

(Until later)…

Yuscht es Bauereimaedel aus Kutzeschteddel, die Mary Laub

(Just the farm girl from Kutztown, Mary Laub)

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