Mary Laub

Mary Laub, of Maxatawny, is the author of "On the Farm; Where is Henny?” written in Pa Dutch with phonetic spelling and English translation. She contributes PA German columns with an English translation to Berks-Mont Newspapers.

Viel Zeide wann die Leit vun Yuli denke, denke sie vum vierte Yuli am Feiere mit rode, weisse, un blohe Farewe. Deel weisse die amerikaanisch Faahne ab uff ihre Heiser odder in ihre Hef aa.

(Many times when people think of July, they think about celebrating the 4th of July with red, white, and blue colors. Some also display American flags on their houses or in their yards.)

Ich denk vun selli Dinger im Yuli aa. Awwer ich denk meh vun unsere Familye Reunion Picknick. Vielleicht hoscht du aa en Familye Reunion im Yuli or Auguscht. Des Yaahr wolle mer unser Reunion net hawwe weil’s zu viel COVID-19 Gsundheit Bekimmernis gebt. Es bedriebt mich weil mer en gudi Zeit allfatt henn. Awwer ‘sis besser sicher sei as leed.)

(I think about those things in July, too. But I think more about our family reunion picnic. Perhaps you also have a family reunion in July or August. This year we will not have our reunion because there are too many COVID-19 health concerns. It makes me sad because we always have a good time. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.)

Weescht du vun wu es Watt “Picknick” beikummt? Es iss vum Franzeesische Watt “pique-nique. ” Der “Pique-nique” waar en Zammelaaf wu die Leit sich selwer Ess-sach un Wei bringe deede. Es waar baut es midde Achtzeh Yaahrhunnert wann die Leit es Watt “pique-nique” aagfange yuuse henn.

(Do you know from where the word “picnic” comes? It is from the French word “pique-nique.” The “pique-nique” was a social gathering where people would bring their own food and wine. It was about the middle of 18th century when people started using the word “pique-nique”.)

An re Picknick gebt’s viel gude Ess-sach! An was denkscht du wann du vun de Picknick Ess-sach denkscht? Viel Leit in die Gegend vielleicht saage, “die Hotdogs un Hamburgers.” Ich duh. Waricklich der Hotdog, wie alsemol der Frankfurter gheese iss, hot Deitsch Aafanges un iss noch Amerikaa im Neinzeh Yaahrhunnert kumme.

(At a picnic there are many good foods! Of what do you think when you think of picnic foods? Many people in this area perhaps say, “Hot dogs and hamburgers.” I do. Actually the hot dog, which is sometimes called the frankfurter, has German origins and came to America in the 19th century.)

So was noch duhn ich denke wann ich vun es Picknick Ess-sach denk? Fer schur denk ich vum Grummbiereselaat, gebackne Buhne un Wassermelon. Un was fer Kuche solle mer hawwe? Ah, ya, gewiss! Es waer net en Picknick unni en Schocklaad Kuche mit em Grundniss Budder Frosting! Un weil des iss die Yaahrszeit fer frisch Obscht, vielleicht misse mer en Kasche, Pasching, Blohbier, odder en Hembier Boi aa hawwe! Was denkscht? Gleichscht du deel vun die doh Picknick Ess-sach aa?

(So what else do I think of when I think of picnic food? Certainly I think of potato salad, baked beans, and watermelon. And what kind of cake should we have? Oh, yes, certainly! It would not a picnic without a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting! And, because this is the season for fresh fruit, perhaps we must also have a cherry, peach, blueberry, or a raspberry pie! What do you think? Do you like some of these picnic foods also?)

Des Yaahr kann ich deel vun de Picknick Ess-sach mache am unsere Yuli Familye Reunion Daag. Dann will ich vun meine annere Familye denke un wunnere was sie am Duh sin. Ich hoff as naegscht Yaahr kenne mer fer der Yuli Reunion zammekumme mit viel gude Ess-sach, awwer unni COVID-19.

(This year I can make some of the picnic foods on the day of our July family reunion. Then I will think of my other family and wonder what they are doing. I hope that next year we can get together for the July reunion with many delicious foods, but without COVID-19.)

Bis schpeeder…

(Until later)…

Yuscht es Bauereimaedel aus Kutzeschteddel, die Mary Laub

(Just the farm girl from Kutztown, Mary Laub)

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