To the Times:

I had to respond to the column in the Times’ editorial section of Thursday, Sept. 24, regarding the end of democracy. Mr. Previty needn’t have wasted an entire page demonizing the Democratic Party, and the Times could have used the space for other more reasoned opinions instead of indulging his vitriol. Mr. Previty could have limited his column to four words: Republicans good, Democrats bad.

Mr. Previty presented no substance or evidence for his assertions that the Democrats were planning the destruction of the free world after the election, assuming they would win. His assertions were not opinions based on fact, but merely speculation and fear mongering. When I reached the end of his diatribe I expected to see Donald Trump’s name as the author; it looked like one of his typical, nonsensical Twitter rants.

Mr. Previty, if you’re going to relate facts to substantiate your arguments and opinions, you have that right and privilege.

But it is irresponsible to state, without facts or evidence, events that you say will occur based on your biases regarding those you oppose. Leave that to the endless political advertisements…or to the Sound Off section of this newspaper, which by the way gives everyone a forum for expressing their beliefs.   

Mark Volpe, Middletown


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