To the Times: 

I have heard some say that “timing is everything.” God’s timing is always astounding, breathtaking. I have asked him on many occasions, “Will you forsake us, Lord, because we have been disobedient or displeasing to you?” “Will You turn your back on us and destroy our nation and the world as you did at the time of the great flood?”

Today, we are in the midst of a great upheaval. The forces of violence and murder test our principles and our resolve to do what they demand of us. We have seen God’s mighty hand act throughout our history, be it the defeat of the British against impossible odds, the preservation of our union upon the Civil War, which promised to tear us in half, the nuclear period when Armageddon was close at hand. He has saved us from ourselves and saved mankind from being tethered by the forces of captivity, bent upon denying us liberty. I have asked, “Will You, Lord, help us to keep our liberty or do we no longer deserve it?”

The death of anyone is always a somber reminder of the sacredness of life and one’s passing is never to be taken lightly. We have certain repositories of people who we rely upon to preserve the nation and its promises. One such bastion of the execution of just outcomes is the Supreme Court of the United States. Even this body of decision-makers has blundered on occasion, we all know, but that is often the means for derivation of wisdom, which we also all know. At this point in our nation’s history, there is a presidential election and many members of Congress will receive American votes.

We are in the midst of what some call a pandemic, which many are citing as a reason for not physically voting, but instead are demanding that we use mailing to have our will determined. Voting in person takes an instant and ballots are tallied with great dispatch, the winners known the following day. Mass mailing of ballots usually means that conveyance of material, tangible ballots will take time and will not be instantly tallied electronically, but by hand. This means that imperfect, or shall we say more imperfect means of achievement of national leadership will be the case. Much “monkey business” is possible, some would say probable.

In the year 2000, material ballots in the state of Florida had to be hand-counted. This prolonged the election results by weeks and had to be ended by decision of the Supreme Court. Many were unhappy with the results, understandably, but what had to be done had to be done and it was the Supreme Court’s job to do it. Given the questionable circumstances attendant to our current scenario, many are predicting that the Supreme Court may very well play a role in the election’s outcome, much of which hinges upon who the justices on the court at the time are. A “left-leaning” court would probably let questionable circumstances prevail in order to be “completely fair”. A “right-leaning” court would probably set a reasonable time limit on the counting, bearing in mind the need to have a decision sometime this decade.

We have a somewhat balanced Supreme Court now, with a chief justice who, although selected by a Republican president, often sides with non-conservative, or liberal, jurists on that court. This has distressed conservative Republicans, who’ve been disappointed in the direction that would take the nation. This election could very well have been determined by the chief justice except for one thing: Now there may be enough votes on the Supreme Court to render the chief justice’s vote non-pivotal. In other words, he can side with the liberals on the court, but be upended by the number of conservatives who vote the other way. Mr. Trump’s ascendency is more assured, Mr. Biden’s departure from the scene also more assured.  This brings us to the God who delivered our nation from dissolution and destruction, time and time and time again. Just when the makeup of the highest court in the land put conservative, pro-American interests in doubt through the ultimate decision affecting the counting of votes to a renegade chief justice, one of the liberal members of that court has just died, leaving an opening for the confirmation of a conservative replacement. We who believe in God also believe that he will come to our rescue at the most fortuitous moments in our lives. This is one such moment.

So, while the death of anyone is something not to be celebrated, the consequences wrought by the domino effect of the mere occurrence can be a source of hopeful aspiration and greater certainty than had been the case when, shall we say, certain circumstances had the effect of doubt and fear upon members  of the populace who oppose radical change. We, on the right, have greater hope now that the rule of constitutional law will prevail and “legislation from the bench” will be far less likely.

God has indeed called one of the members of the Supreme Court home. Why now? Why didn’t he move her to resign during the Obama presidency, when the liberals owned Washington, and when the confirmation of a liberal replacement would have been all but assured? We can only conclude (those of us who believe and trust in God) that the mighty hand of God moved in such a way as to determine the fate of our nation in the manner He would see it done. With the appointment by Mr. Trump of a conservative replacement, there is virtually little wiggle room for “monkey business.”  If God’s will be done our way, we will be vindicated; if not, we will consider it chastisement.

Joseph Previty, Aston


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