To the Times:

The conservative base are good people. You can say we are deplorables

but as an example ... do you see all of those boats parading ... these

are successful people. People who enjoy success. But success isn't

always about wealth in monetary means.

Yes, we have social issues that constantly need addressing and these times is nothing new. It's the hate of this man and the hate of financial success of the people that create the jobs many of us enjoy. How many of you got a job from a poor person? Sure on both sides there are extremists. But look at this

past year and compare conservative extremism against liberal progressive extremism. The hate is at a level unseen in a long time.

Not the conservatives hating people ... we love our country for which

it stands. The left is out of control. We support Donald Trump because he is one of the first presidents we have had with a backbone. He speaks what we speak. We see things going on that are wrong like selling out to China, allowing people to walk into this country without following the basic rules, prescription drug prices out of reach, starting conflicts with other countries ... troops deployed where they don't belong anymore. Do you realize Trump is anti-war?

But you are all upset at how he speaks. I don't like how he speaks either

and wish he would reel it in some but he is who he is. He's got my vote #MAGA2020 four more years and do yourselves a favor after the results are in. Go back to work. Live your life like there is a future without angry mobs on TV every day demanding change that has been occurring faster than in any other country in the world with respect to inclusiveness and acceptance. Trump isn't trying to reverse any of that. Congress needs to get to work and figure out how to get good things done instead of the constant chess game that at this point is a kick boxing match.

Michael Hrischuk, Bethel


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