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Those Who Own The Words

I never thought a couple of words could make me so angry. I wanted to scream, NO! The whole thing was absurd, but it was actually said. It was a peek into the culture war that is being fought, not with weapons but with words.

I am a woman.

I am a wife.

I am a mother.

I am a Grandma.

I am proud of each facet of me. It is the word, mother, that I hold most dear. Giving birth to a child is truly a miracle. Having a child grow inside you for nine months, then seeing their birth is a gift from God.

It was on this Mother's Day weekend I heard the words that bothered me. It was said by a Congresswoman before an oversight committee. Speaking on her perceptions of a maternal health crisis, she used the term, "birthing person.” This Congresswoman, a mother herself, used the word, “mother”, a few times in her speech. This Congresswoman chose a gender-inclusive term. However, her words were utter nonsense. A person is either male or female. The only person who can give birth is a female, since only a female has a womb to carry a child. My husband cannot give birth. Our five children would not be here if we relied on a "birthing person.” There are two of us in this marriage and both of us were needed for our children to be conceived. Only one of us carried each child for nine months and gave birth when the time had come.

"Haven't you read," he replied, "that at the beginning the Creator 'made them male and female,' (Matthew 19:4)

There is a saying that, “those who own the words, own the culture”. Our culture war is being fought with words. New words are being used in place of words that have been accepted since the dawn of time. Words are being used in such a way that they take on a double meaning to fit a narrative. It is true that those who own the words own the culture. However, what some of us are forgetting is there is one Owner of the words. He is The Word Himself: our Lord Jesus. Fighting a battle of words with Jesus cannot be won; He alone is the Victor. The Word has been spoken. We are so afraid to offend. We are afraid to offend everyone but God. We think that God's Word is up for debate, but we are gravely mistaken. What will it take for us to stand up and say that the emperor is not wearing any clothes? What will it take for us to stand up and declare I am not a “birthing person”; I am a mother. What will it take for us to find our backbone again? Lord Jesus, help us.

When I taught Sunday school many years ago, I often used word pictures to explain things. I remember teaching third through fifth graders about salvation. How could I explain the way we come to the cross of Jesus in faith? I decided to use the image of a turnstile. I told the children about taking the train and going through the turnstile to get to the platform. I told them about putting a token in, which was the way it was done then. I could then push the turnstile, which would allow me to go through. Only one person at a time could go through a turnstile; you could never go through as a group. That is how you come to person at a time, I told them. The blood of Jesus, even one drop, can wash us clean when we come to Him in faith. There is not a hose through which the blood of Jesus is sprayed over everyone. One single drop washes us clean as we come to Jesus in faith, one person at a time.

However, in our culture, there is a push to see groups instead of individuals. There is a push to identify with one or more groups; one group is often pitted against another. The person is disappearing in the background. No accountability, no achievement; you are a product of the group to which you belong. “Person“ is put on the back burner until “person” becomes a necessary buzzword. A mother becomes a birthing person. What does that make a father? He who owns the Words is not pleased.

We are stomping on God's Word and we wonder why there is confusion. We are trying not to offend anyone but could care less if we offend God. If we cared about offending God, we would be grieved. We would stand up and say: “No! Enough! Not on my watch!” We cannot be bullied into submission. I am not a birthing person; I am a mother. I am an individual saved by the blood of Jesus. I went through the turnstile by myself and His blood washed me clean.

All you mothers out there, do you have courage? Can you stand for the word, “mother”, and not accept any substitute? Can you stand for the Word who owns the culture? Can you care first about offending God before you care about offending anyone else?

Ironically, if you seek to not offend God, you will not want to offend others. The two go hand in hand. What God says, goes! Not the culture, not a Congresswoman, not even our government, if it goes against Him.



Not on my watch!

I am a mother and I am taking a stand!”

Jeff Hall of Honey Brook contributes columns to Berks-Mont Newspapers.

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