2020 MABA Board Officers

The 2020 Morgantown Area Business Association Board officers are, from left to right, Nora Filmore, Vice President of Events; Lois Ann Mast, Vice President of Membership; Kelly Spica, MABA President; Dave Hinkel, Treasurer; and Luanne Graham, Secretary.

MABA Members:

During this challenging time with the COVID-19 pandemic, my hope is that we can still come together to see what we can do to help each other. We would like to hear from our member businesses and then compile your information for our Facebook site.

Thanks also for updating your websites with your current status as things keep changing weekly and even daily lately.

We would like to know who is open and who is closed? Is your business able to do take-out food, or curbside pick-up, or do you have online sales to keep doing purchases? Do you offer gift cards that we can buy now to use later? Is your business helping in any way? Making masks, donating supplies, delivering meals to elderly or helping them with their grocery items? Can you offer payment deferments/relief to your customers during this time of need? Businesses will also have access to various government-loans/programs, etc., too.

I know from all this — there is a lot of good things happening out there, so please share with us, and go to our site, or contact us to get the information shared on Facebook or a future email blast to our members. We want to assist in any way we can.

I hope everyone is following the CDC guidelines and staying safe.

To help reduce stress:

1) Stay grounded with trusted sources such as CDC, State and Federal Health Official sites.

2) Stay in the moment, keep a routine.

3) Take breaks, stretch, get outside for a walk and keep active.

4) Stay connected with others as much as possible. A phone call to a lonely or elderly neighbor or friend might be the only contact that person has with another human being for that day—or week.

5) Allow yourself to laugh....Laughter releases endorphins that help to lessen stress. We will get through this, and hopefully be stronger because of it.

Please keep in touch and check our website and Facebook page—we will continue to post updates.

I wish everyone good health, please stay safe. Thank you.

- Kelly Spica, MABA President

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