I've not timed this for the election because I doubt it would change many minds and secondly, it's an ongoing problem. As in a former article, I'll define the crux word of this piece, Chump. Now, it's not nice to call people names, names which can be misconstrued or obviously demeaning. So what is a Chump? A Chump is a person easily tricked, a foolish or stupid person; in layman's terms, a sucker.

Many of us are Chumps, perhaps not knowingly, but nevertheless, we are. Why?, because we don't have the facts, we lack knowledge, thus we're ignorant, or the system has scammed us. It's a system that's contriving, manipulative, cunning, and at times downright dishonest. Had you watched recent Senate hearings, you would have heard and seen actual proof that Big Tech does suppress news and play favorites, as does the Media. I’m not looking for or wanting to argue, but there's plenty of proof. Even if a news source doesn't lie, they most often don't tell you the whole story. Paul Harvey; you youngsters likely don't know his name, but he use to tell us the "rest of the story". Now, to get the rest of the story, you most always have to dig, look around, perhaps listen, watch or read a source you really don't like because of personality or view. Here's one time I'll use the word "systemic". No doubt, in this man's mind, there is "systemic obfuscation" in Big Tech and the Media. Hey, that sounds pretty neat. Maybe someone will coin that expression. A new "buzz" term.

To make my point, let me continue with a few comments and questions, then I'll conclude with two final questions. And believe me, I'm not looking to argue your choices or beliefs. Trust me, there's a point to this. You heard how hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was discredited. Trump mentioned it and was excoriated. HCQ was not developed for COVID but many studies, foreign and domestic, show when used appropriately, can be very beneficial. When used in conjunction with other low cost therapeutics HCQ did save lives and could have saved many others. Ever heard of the Henry Ford Health System study? There's dozens like it. Fortunately, now, new therapeutics and vaccines are being developed.

Ever hear of Kevin Clinesmith, Sally Yates, and Rod Rosenstein? Kevin, former FBI lawyer, pled guilty to altering a document used in obtaining the FISA warrant on Carter Page. Check out the testimonies of Sally and Rod, former deputy attorneys general, concerning the Steele Dossier, used to obtain the FISA warrant. Sally testified that former FBI Director Comey "went rogue by sending agents to interview Flynn". Just the tip of the iceberg. Admissions of unverified information by very notable people. The Russian collusion and Mueller investigation was BOGUS; a political ploy to bring down Trump. Put aside your bias, that’s scary.

Recently, are you familiar with the Hunter Biden hard drive? How about Tony Bobulinski's brief press conference and subsequent interview with the FBI. The hard drive, now verified, along with Bobulinski's vast evidence is pretty conclusive. Lots of shady dealings, connections to China and Ukraine, and yes, Joe Biden did have knowledge of his son's business dealings, those dealings which by FBI's admission, have been under investigation. Even if you hate Trump, after approximately $50,000,000, hundreds of interviews, millions of pages of documents, and four separate investigations, they couldn't prove Russian collusion. Hunter Biden was involved with Ukrainian company Burisma. Long story but did you watch the video of Joe Biden bragging?, "I'm leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor's not fired, you're not getting the money." Plenty of clips, actual footage, on the internet. Many legal experts said, this is "quid pro quo". So overwhelmingly evident, Joe has repeatedly lied. His son's business dealings very shady, to say the least, and Joe told Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma or they wouldn't get our money. Where’s the investigation and prosecution?

What about Trump saying, "the cure could be worse than the disease". Again, excoriated. Ever heard of VSL(Value of a Statistical Life)? You did hear about unintended consequences? Suicide, mental illness, depression, drug abuse, stress, family abuse, loss of money, etc., all resulting in death or shortened life spans. One notable study stated that lockdowns could be 10 times more deadly than the Pandemic itself. Think about it. Gee, have you heard much about that?

Last. Schools were kept closed, some still closed. Several studies, here and abroad. Yale University studied 57,000 child care providers and found no difference in percentage of those who got COVID with their facilities open and those with their facilities closed. Pediatricians state the obvious pros and cons. Closure is very harmful to children and families. Familiar with those studies?

How much of the above have you seen on television? Ever wonder why not? I know, for a fact, that very little, if any, is aired on most stations. That's the point of my writing this. I’m not asking for agreement, not looking to argue, but don’t you want to know more, know both sides, get the complete picture? Remember, narratives and agendas.

Conclusion: I’m just a simple guy observing and asking questions. There are many ways we are Chumps, many not being political but usually indirectly connected to political influence. Think what you want, like who you want, believe what you want BUT do you like being denied the truth by news organizations, politicians, and the justice system? Like I wrote in an earlier piece, mix it up, listen, watch, and read several sources. Don't be afraid. Watch CNN and FOX, along with the others; take notes and compare, do a little research. The results, the truth, may shock you! In a recent brief conversation with Rev. C.L. Bryant, we agreed, "the truth will set you free". Don't be afraid of the truth. Lastly, do you really want to be a Chump?

Stephen Anton

Exeter Township

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