Mary Laub

Mary Laub, of Maxatawny, is the author of the "On the Farm” series written in Pa Dutch with phonetic spelling and English translation. She recently released her fourth book “Uff der Bauerei: Der Bsuch (On the Farm: The Visit)” which can be purchased at local businesses and online from Masthof Press at

Wann mer vun Schpass an die Zeit vum Yaahr denke, vielleicht denke mer vun Eis Schkeetes, Schliddefaahres, odder Schneemobilefaahres. Awwer es gebt eppes anneres fer Schpass hawwe un eppes aa lanne- graad in deinre Heemet. So, was iss es?

(When we think of fun this time of year, perhaps we think of ice skating, sledding or snow mobiling. But there is something else to do for fun and to learn something, too- right in your home. So, what is it?)

Danki zu Technology, feiert der Pennsylfannish Deitsch Zammelaaf der Grundsau Daag Virtual des Yaahr. Der Event heest, “Grundsau Daag fer Yunge.” Es gebt eppes fer Schpass un aa lanne wege der Grundsau. Du kannscht Watte aa lanne in der Pennsilfaanisch Deitsch Schprooch. Es gebt Schpiele, Crafts, Schpassbledder, un en Video wege Grundsau Daag. Awwer des iss net yuscht fer Yunge. Eenichepper kann mitmache. Alles iss uff em Pennsylfannish Deitsch Zammelaaf Facebook Blaat. Am Zwett Hanning iss Grundsau Daag gfeiert. Awwer schunn am erscht un dreissich Yenner iss alles uff em Facebook Blaat.

(Thanks to technology, the Pennsylvania German Zammelaaf will celebrate Groundhog Day virtually this year. The event is called, “Groundhog Day for Youth.” There will be something for fun and to learn about the groundhog. You can also learn words in the Pennsylvania German language. There will be games, crafts, fun sheets and a video about Groundhog Day. But this not just for youth. Anyone can participate. Everything is on the Pennsylvania German Zammelaaf Facebook page. On February second Groundhog Day is celebrated. But already on January 31 everything will be posted on the Facebook page.)

Un…es gebt en Virtual Event beim Pennsilfaanish Deitsch Zammelaaf am zwansichst Matz. Es gebt Reeder un Schpassmacher. Guck mol nei uff es Facebook Blaat fer meh Information.

(And…another virtual event sponsored by the Pennsylvania German Zammelaaf organization will be on March 20. There will be speakers and entertainers. Look on the Facebook page for more information.)

Nau, hawwich vum Pennsilfaanish Deitsch Zammelaaf gschwetz. Ihre Mission iss fer die Pennsilfaanish Deitsch Schprooch, Kultur, un Gschicht bhalde. ‘Zammelaaf’ iwwersetzt wie ‘social gathering.’ Weil des Yaahr henn mer COVID-19 Bekimmernes, vielleicht naegscht Yaahr in 2022 kennde mir widder zammekumme fer die Events.

(Now, I spoke about the Pennsylvania German Zammelaaf. Their mission it to preserve the Pennsylvania German language, culture and heritage. ‘Zammelaaf’ translates as ‘social gathering.’ Because this year we have COVID-19 concerns, perhaps next year in 2022 the events can be held again ‘in person’.)

Vergess net! Guck mol nei an der Pennsilfaanish Deitsch Zammelaaf Facebook Blaat fer die Grundsau Daag un zwansichscht Matz Events! Du kannscht Schpass hawwe un aa lanne!

(Don’t forget! Look at the Pennsylvania German Zammelaaf Facebook page for the Groundhog Day and March 20 events. You can have fun and learn, too!)

Bis schpeeder…

(Until later)…

Yuscht es Bauereimaedel aus Kutzeschteddel, die Mary Laub

(Just the farm girl from Kutztown, Mary Laub)

Mary Laub is the author of the "Uff der Bauerei" (On the Farm) series. She taught in the Kutztown Area School District and in the Kutztown University Elementary Education Department for more than 40 years. She teaches Pennsylvania German (Dutch) in the Early Learning Community, Inc. pre-school. She can be reached at

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