If you are looking for a mostly inexpensive hobby, geocaching may be for you.

A lot of times when I talk to people about geocaching, they are not familiar with the term.

For those of you that aren't familiar, the easiest way to explain it is that geocaching is like a going on a scavenger hunt while using GPS.

The website, www.geocaching.com,ˆ  lists the coordinates for the geocache or container. Sometimes people post clues where to find the geocaches. Some geocaches are just plastic Tupperware containers and others are old ammo boxes. They should be placed on public property with permission.

People use GPS to find the geocaches. With recent technology, on Android cell phones, the application for GPS costs about $10.

I have to warn you that the GPS will lead you to the area where the geocache is, but it may not be really easy to find. Then once the geocache is found, there should be a log inside where people can write their name or nickname and the date they found it. They can also write a note about it like 'Easy find' or if they found it on vacation, etc.

In addition, if you find a box, there should be trinkets inside. The idea is to bring a trinket or treasure like a toy from McDonalds you no longer want and then place it in the box. In return, you can take something out.

Some of the geocaches have something called travelbugs. Travelbugs are items that can be tracked. Some people have goals to get them to California or another destination so people help move them.

I was introduced to geocaching about two years ago. My father-in-law got my husband hooked on it. We went geocaching while visiting my husband's grandparents. A friend of the family had placed a geocache on the side of this gigantic hill.

Other ones can be very simple to find. We found one under a lampost box at a gas station.

Most recently, we went geocaching on New Year's Day. We spent New Year's in the Poconos. Those of us that weren't into snowtubing went geocaching. Some of our friends had never gone before.

A great thing about geocaching is that it's an adventure no matter where you go '' whether you're near home or somewhere on vacation.

At the Poconos, we ventured to find a geocache at this place called Resica Falls. We took some minutes to take in the scenery. Part of the falls had been frozen over and we took a lot of photos.

There are plenty of places to go geocaching in Berks County. Visit www.geocaching.com to find some!

Heather Tyrrell can be contacted by e-mail at htyrrell@berksmontnews.com.

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