Wolf has been at the school for nearly four decdes and for the first time in his career, he allowed a freshman on the varsity team.

Eric Angstadt, a guard, is part of the team and has also earned a spot in the starting lineup.

"Andrew is smart, physically strong, and rarely makes mistakes with the ball," said Wolf. Angstadt might not be the leading scorer on the team, but coach Wolf is impressed with his abilities. "I am doing what I am supposed to be doing- making the team better in the offense," explained the freshman. The coach explained that Angstadt gives the team stability in the half-court offense."He is way ahead of his peer group."

The athlete was shocked when he learned that he would be in the starting line-up. "I thought I would play JV (junior varsity) and move up to varsity as a sophomore," said Angstadt. "It was a bit nerve racking to find out that I was starting as a freshman but two and three games into the season I settled down."

With lack of experience, Wolf said that Angstadt is handling the pressure. "He is doing very well and I knew that eventually he would get the confidence that he needed," explained the coach. "He doesn't look to score, but he can score."

The team has been supporting Angstadt the whole season. "There is not any animosity on the team," said Wolf. The freshman said he is learning from the upper classmen and the lessons that his teammates have taught him will help him in his high school basketball career.

Angstadt said he would feel less pressured next year. "I will know my role better, I will try to score more, and be a contributing factor in the offense." Angstadt is expecting the team to perform just as well or better than this year. "We have four starters returning," said the basketball star.

Congratulations to Coach Lloyd Wolf. On Wednesday, Feb. 22, Wolf reached a milestone in his career coaching his 1,000th game.

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