Four Hamburg wrestlers won individual titles at the District 3 Class 2A Section 1 tournament Saturday as the host Hawks won the team title.

Kyle Vernon (120 pounds), Shane Strausser (126), Reese Mason (182) and Ben Weidenhammer (195) were gold medalists for Hamburg (181.5 team points), which finished ahead of Wyomissing (138).

Brandywine Heights’ Bailey Gimbor (106), Dalton Gimbor (113) and Dylan Miller (160), Wyomissing’s Clayton Frymoyer (152) and Kutztown’s Tyler Fisher (170) also won individual championships.

Hamburg advanced 10 wrestlers to the District 3 championships, which begin Feb. 22 at Giant Center in Hershey.

FINALS152 Clayton Frymoyer (Wyomissing) DEC Travis Colson (Hamburg), 13-6

106 Bailey Gimbor (Brandywine Heights) F Jace Beegle (Pequea Valley), 2:40

120 Kyle Vernon (Hamburg) DEC Anthony Gust (Wyomissing), 10-5

126 Shane Strausser (Hamburg) DEC Klint Harpel (Brandywine Heights), 9-2

132 Tanner Ball (Pequea Valley) TF Matt Deysher (Brandywine Heights), 17-2 3:31

138 Conner Walsh (Pequea Valley) DEC Brant Mason (Hamburg), 6-0

145 Gabe Miller (Pequea Valley) DEC Jack Bennett (Schuylkill Valley), 10-3

113 Dalton Gimbor (Brandywine Heights) F Jake Sharadin (Kutztown), 3:37

160 Dylan Miller (Brandywine Heights) DEC Trey Donmoyer (Elco), 9-6

170 Tyler Fisher (Kutztown) F Luke Ruffner (Tulpehocken), 1:37

182 Reese Mason (Hamburg) DEC Aiden Weber (Schuylkill Valley), 5-4

195 Ben Weidenhammer (Hamburg) F Quinn Hogue (Wyomissing), 0:16

220 Joe Coblentz (Pequea Valley) DEC George Nanouh (Wyomissing), 6-1

285 Nate Miller (Pequea Valley) F Nate Raudenbush (Kutztown), 3:30

3RD PLACE106 Parker Davidson (Hamburg) F Nathaniel Lord (Wyomissing), 2:25

113 Rowan Badler (Wyomissing) DEC Cody Reimert (Hamburg), 7-0

120 Christian Burdick (Elco) F Nick Geary (Brandywine Heights), 3:57

126 Roberto Velez (Wyomissing) DEC Colby Ernst (Schuylkill Valley), 9-3

132 Tyler Heistand (Schuylkill Valley) DEC Keegan Donmoyer (Elco), 10-8

138 Ethan Kosmoski (Wyomissing) DEC Carlens Lapaix (Schuylkill Valley), 4-2

145 Andre Selesky (Hamburg) F James Bui (Wyomissing), 2:36

152 Carson Nell (Elco) F Trevor Huber (Pequea Valley), 2:07

160 Brendan Hamilton (Hamburg) M FOR Justin Akers (Kutztown)

170 Connor Quinter (Wyomissing) DEC Austin Sprenkle (Elco), 3-1

182 Adam Firestine (Elco) F Alex Rojas-rivera (Wyomissing), 2:04

195 Bobby Walck (Elco) DEC Tristan Eshbach (Tulpehocken), 8-7

220 Austin Strunk (Hamburg) F Adam Koehler (Elco), 1:32

SEMI-FINALS106 Bailey Gimbor (Brandywine Heights) F Parker Davidson (Hamburg), 1:06

106 Jace Beegle (Pequea Valley) F Nathaniel Lord (Wyomissing), 1:30

113 Dalton Gimbor (Brandywine Heights) F Cody Reimert (Hamburg), 0:34

113 Jake Sharadin (Kutztown) DEC Rowan Badler (Wyomissing), 5-2

120 Kyle Vernon (Hamburg) F Nick Geary (Brandywine Heights), 0:53

120 Anthony Gust (Wyomissing) MD Christian Burdick (Elco), 12-4

126 Shane Strausser (Hamburg) TF Colby Ernst (Schuylkill Valley)

126 Klint Harpel (Brandywine Heights) DEC Roberto Velez (Wyomissing), 10-3

132 Tanner Ball (Pequea Valley) F Ayden Kauffman (Hamburg), 0:50

132 Matt Deysher (Brandywine Heights) F Tyler Heistand (Schuylkill Valley), 3:22

138 Conner Walsh (Pequea Valley) TF Carlens Lapaix (Schuylkill Valley)

138 Brant Mason (Hamburg) DEC Ethan Kosmoski (Wyomissing), 10-4

145 Gabe Miller (Pequea Valley) F James Bui (Wyomissing), 0:40

145 Jack Bennett (Schuylkill Valley) F Andre Selesky (Hamburg), 3:00

152 Clayton Frymoyer (Wyomissing) F Trevor Huber (Pequea Valley), 4:27

152 Travis Colson (Hamburg) F Carson Nell (Elco), 3:20

160 Trey Donmoyer (Elco) F Brendan Hamilton (Hamburg), 1:15

160 Dylan Miller (Brandywine Heights) DEC Justin Akers (Kutztown), 3-2

170 Tyler Fisher (Kutztown) F Connor Quinter (Wyomissing), 5:59

170 Luke Ruffner (Tulpehocken) F Austin Sprenkle (Elco), 0:43

182 Reese Mason (Hamburg) F Max Finacchio (Brandywine Heights), 0:14

182 Aiden Weber (Schuylkill Valley) F Adam Firestine (Elco), 0:43

195 Ben Weidenhammer (Hamburg) F Bobby Walck (Elco), 0:33

195 Quinn Hogue (Wyomissing) F Tristan Eshbach (Tulpehocken), 4:21

220 George Nanouh (Wyomissing) DEC Adam Koehler (Elco), 11-5

220 Joe Coblentz (Pequea Valley) F Austin Strunk (Hamburg), 5:45

285 Nate Miller (Pequea Valley) F Shannon Boustany (Elco), 5:55

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