Drew Witouski calls himself a “golf enthusiast,” after first being introduced to the sport nearly four decades ago and spending the past 10 years playing more competitively.

Now Witouski is hoping he can convey that enthusiasm to others as part of his new business, T-3 Golf.

Witouski, a Morgantown resident, opened T-3 Golf – an indoor golf simulation facility – last month on Love Road in Cumru Township.

According to Witouski, T-3 stands for “Tempo, Timing and Technology,” and he has parlayed those concepts into what he hopes will be a positive experience for customers.

“I had been thinking about doing this for the past five years or so and really began reading up on it,” Witouski said. “In part, the idea came to me as a way to keep my game intact through winter months. But additionally, I looked at hoe time-consuming the game of golf is, and considered that a lot of people don’t have five-to-six hours a week to spend at a golf course.

“I visited several places that had simulators and noticed a commonality: they were an extension of a bar or specific golf complex. I wanted to create something neutral and an environment that is non-intimidating and friendly to golfers of all ages, sexes and skill levels.”

The end result is what Witouski calls, “anything but your average golf simulator experience.”

Featuring PGA-approved technology from Foresight Sports, the simulator enables customers to mimic their outdoor playing experience year-round.

Players hit shots from a mat into a computerized screen that is capable of providing sophisticated feedback and data for the serious golfer, but is also entertaining for the more novice golfers. There is a virtual driving range setting, as well as five different virtual courses – Linfield National, Wyoming’s Teton Pines, Illinois’ Wilow Crest, Colorado’s Broken Tee and Texas’ Blue Bayou – that each can be played in approximately one hour.

Witkouski expects to add courses and updates in the future, but for now is hoping to keep his focus on the basics.

“I’ve had a fair amount of play here considering we are still in the ‘outdoor’ golf season,” Witouski said. “Many people have stopped in to check it out and have expressed a great deal of excitement with the concept and opportunity to play when they are under time constraints or the weather is bad.”

Witkouski, who grew up in the western Pa. town of Bealesville, first got the golf bug while working as a caddy Nemacolin Country Club when he was 12.

But when he hit high school, baseball became a priority and he eventually starred at Marietta (Ohio) College (where he was inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame in 2003) before playing semi-pro ball. He got back into golf in earnest in his 30s, as what he called “a competitive hobby,” and has tried to take his game to the next level over the past 10 years by participating in Berks County Golf Association events. He has a Chapel Hill club championship to his credit.

Witouski said that the mission of T-3 is to provide a comfortable, technologically-advanced practice setting to help players of all levels work on every aspect of their game.

“It’s inexpensive and time-efficient in comparison (to playing a full round outside),” he said.

Witouski’s short-range goals are to ensure that the customer experience meets all of his mission-statement requirements and get the word out about the facility.

Down the road, he is hoping to see T-3 morph into a “go-to” venue that can host leagues, clinics, parties, corporate events.

“A place to learn, or just have fun,” he said.

For more information on T-3 golf, visit www.t-3golf.com.

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