An island in the Pacific Ocean, is where this athlete hails from. Wyomissing Area High School's exchange student Peter Enicar ventured from his hometown to Berks County for a taste of American culture and to learn a new sport.

Enicar is a resident of Pohnpei, which is about 3,000 miles southwest of Honolulu. It is the largest volcanic island of the Federated States of Micronesia. The country is known for having majestic waterfalls and reefs for diving.

Head cross country coach of Wyomissing Tim Hetrich visited the country last summer and said it is one of the most beautiful places he has visited and the rainiest. "It is the wettest place on earth. It will pour down rain for 10 minutes and then it passes."

Hetrich said that Enicar's family is one of the most regarded families in Pohnpei. "You can tell how wealthy a family is by the number of pigs at a feast. It is a beautiful tribal society."

The Pohnpei native arrived in Berks County on August 2 and will be remaining in the states until the end of the semester.

Since he has been in the country he has noticed certain aspects of American culture that are not prevalent in his country. "I am not used to the different ethnicities, the cold, and tall buildings. I went to New York City and in October I will be going to Florida with the track team."

An athlete in his home country, Enicar participates in basketball and volleyball. When he came to Wyomissing, he fell in love with another sport - cross country. "Joining the cross country team is the best part of my trip. The runners are fun and it is different from other sports," said Enicar.

Besides cross country, Enicar was thrilled to learn about American history and get a taste of the American school systems. "I enjoy America's way of learning. At home we are required to bring a machete into school to cut back th jungle."

Although he is a little homesick this athlete is enjoying his time spent in Berks County. "I miss my family and friends, but I enjoy running and I will continue to run back home."

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