Twin Valley Raiders 10U team undefeated

Gloria Quaintance - Berks-Mont News Twin Valley Raiders Fall Ball Little League are undefeated after their Halloween win of 11-8 against West Bradford in Honey Brook. Back row: Assistant Coach Matt Finger, Austin Brooks, Austin Eckrote, Hunter Finger, Riley Grey and Nate Meister. Second row: Dylan Corros, Patrick Skoniczin, Billy Fuller, Cole Issacs and Jackson Price. First Row: Coach Mark Zolty, Cole Ficco, Jon Oxendine, Josh Zolty and Assistant Coach Brandon Fryberger.

Twin Valley Raiders Little League 10U (Black jerseys) team finished their season undefeated after their Halloween game win, 11-8, against West Bradford in Honey Brook.

Baseball was in the air at Honey Brook’s James Umbel Park, Saturday, Oct. 31. The Twin Valley Raiders minor division Little League team were geared up to play their last game of the season.

They were challenging opponents from Downingtown’s West Bradford team.

The Raiders were 13-0 and they came to wrap it up for the season.

Warming up both teams were getting ready to give their all as moms, dads, grandparents, siblings and friends were getting their seats and lining up at the concession stand to get their snacks.

“I have never seen a team work together like these kids,” said Head Coach Mark Zolty.

The game started out with the usual pace; the fight was on to win this game and to prove who the real champions were.

Assistant Coach Brandon Fryberger was keeping score, “This is the most exciting game of the season. I’m involved because I like to coach and my 9-year-old step-son Billy Fuller is on the team.”

The game went back and forth with a tight score up and down keeping the players on their toes.

Grandmother Caryl Ann Cooper said, “These kids have real team spirit, the coach does an excellent job, and the kids help each other. Oh, here comes my grandson up to bat!”

Some of the plays were awesome as Jon #1 took a hit and ran to 1st and the baseman fumbled the ball, and he was safe. He stole home to up the score to 8-8 at the top of the fifth.

Father, Jason Isaac said, “They have an outstanding coach Mark Zolty. They practice once a week and play every Saturday and Sunday. They play well as a team. They are fighting to win this, they are determined.”

Foul balls were jumping over fences into another field. The energy was palpable.

The most exciting play of the day was in the bottom of the fifth when Josh Zolty #10 hit the ball and brought two players home. He got on 1st base, then to 2nd and stole 3rd base. Then he made his winning move, he was running to steal home, the catcher fumbled the ball at home and Josh hurled over the catcher and reached out and touched home plate with his hand.

The crowd went wild. This bought them the game 11-8.

Pitcher Austin Brooks came in at the top of the 6th and struck out two of the three batters ending the game. The Twin Valley Raiders were undefeated.

Over in the dugout they were beaming as only 8, 8 and 10 year old boys can. They looked like they had springs on their feet and gas in their engines, jumping and running and high fiving.

Brooksie, #13 was grinning from ear to ear, “I love pitching, we are the lucky 13.”

“We won! Dad is the coach so we get to goof around together, sometimes I’m here with him all day. It’s great. We even pull the weeds,” said Josh Zolty #10.

“I love batting. I’m so proud we didn’t lose a game,” said Cole.

After team pictures Coach Zolty said, “This is the proudest season I’ve had in my four years. It is unbelievable. These are great kids. They have fun at the games and are good sportsmen.”

“To me, coaching baseball, a game I played all my life, is about teaching responsibility, character, discipline and how you treat the other team,” he added.

It was a Happy Halloween for the undefeated Raiders, and they were off to play a Zombie game.

They had made their own scary uniforms and the field became converted into an eerie field of things that go bump in the night running bases.

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